July 14, 2010


Last time I popped over and checked on Ordinary Sara, she had posted a lovely list of her "happies", and I thought it was a great check for myself. So much so, that I've compiled my own top ten list of Happy.

  1. The quiet hour first thing in the morning with Littlest One as she nurses.
  2. Hearing Captain Chaos and DG shriek with laughter when BB is wrestling with them.
  3. Looking at my pantry shelves and seeing row upon row of full Ball jars of yumminess for my family for the next year.
  4. Amazing Grace played on the bagpipes.
  5. The scent on the air before and after a rainstorm.
  6. Freshly scrubbed skin, and sloppy goodnight kisses.
  7. Watching my children delight in new-to-them things like roly-poly bugs and spiderwebs covered in dew.
  8. The Mama Robin that is nesting on the bend of our downspout right outside my bathroom window.
  9. Singing the obscure verses of hymns at Church and knowing all the words.
  10. Topping off my coffee with something special like vanilla ice cream and cinnamon, or splurging on flavored creamers like the Belgian Style Chocolate Toffee.
What makes your list?

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