June 15, 2010

Let the Sunshine In...

WOW! We had a somewhat dreary day again yesterday...with the rain falling on and off, the sun valiantly trying to shine through...

Today, I was awakened by this strange event...there was this bright light shining through my window, right onto my face...it was intense, it was warm...it was (GASP!) the SUN!!!!!!! (this is where you cue up the Hallelujah Chorus folks!)

Today has been clear, gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky, H-O-T (well, hot enough after a week worth of barely breaking past 50 some days), and dry...no rain...it is almost 5pm as I'm typing this, and the thermometer on my house says it is currently 82.

Glorious! I think, at long last, that my berries will turn red, ripening so I can eat them (I might even share them with my family), my chives are going bonkers, my gourd plants are growing so quickly I think I can hear them...ahhhh...it feels like summer out there today.

I know, I know...the calendar clearly states that summer doesn't officially start until next Monday, and we need the rain, and the moisture is good, and if it's cool now, maybe it won't be so hot this summer...blah blah blah.

I think that someone needs to tell the calendar to kiss...something...clearly, when school is let out for "Summer Break", it should become summer. Period. Weather, activities, you name it.

I mean, come on, the ice cream man has been around for 3 weeks already, but who wants to buy Rocket Pops when it's pouring buckets, and only 47 degrees out?

The only thing missing to make it officially summer at our house is a new wading pool for the kids...theirs finally bit the dust with 4 holes in it. BB wants to try patching with duck tape, but you know what? I say we just go buy a stinking new one...who wants to splash around in a pool that may or may not leak, and has tape all in it? Really???

Yeah...so, I'm off to fire up the grill, where I'll be grilling some chicken, using my snazzy burner to rapidly boil water to cook up some fettucini, I'll be tossing a salad, and we'll be having Fettucini Alfredo with Grilled Chicken, fresh salad, homemade applesauce (I know it doesn't go, but I have this funny thing about having something fruity and sweet at every meal, and this does the trick without making me feel as though I'm a bad parent for giving my kids popsicles or something else "sugary").

Oh - Farmwife - I know you love your charcoal, but I really do enjoy being able to cook an entire real meal outside on my grill, and I can start cooking about 2 minutes after I turn it on...sigh...I heart summer...

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Inkling said...

Target has awesome kiddie pools for around $30. I got one with an elephant slide that is removable. Don't know how long it will last, but it's fun for now.