June 12, 2010

When It's OK to Write Down a Password

For those of us who were born at the beginning of this whole computer age (that's anyone age 20 - 40 people!), we've had it drilled into our heads "don't write down your passwords", "don't share your log-ins"...sort of like the first day of school with lockers where you were told "Only you and your locker partner know this combination. DO NOT share it with anyone else"...only with bigger consequences. And so, for the last djfnsak.sj years, I have not shared, nor asked for said information from anyone. Including my husband.

It freaks me out to know that I can log into his email account, and that we have joint financial accounts that we can both access online. How do I know that he's not sharing? How do I know we're safe???

This is not going to be a post on the technological age and it's inherent dangers that are mostly unknown...

It is going to be a post on the fact that it is ok, even crucial to write down a network key, a WEP, a WPA or WPA2 key when one spouse creates said key and CANNOT spell, and the other one is subsequently locked out of the household's wireless network. For a week.

I know, I know...I survived without internet most of my life...I know how to be unplugged in the truest sense of the word since we didn't even get cable until I was...oh wait...I stayed home sick from school the day MTV debuted to watch it...and fondly remember "Video Killed the Radio Star" to this day...

HOWEVER! When said spouse asks the at-home spouse to do all manner of things that require internet access, and the wired computer is in a room that is far-ish away from the area in which the children play, it is extremely difficult to do things.

I never realized just how attached I'd become to my laptop computer and sitting in my over-sized La-Z-Boy chair while doing things online...

On the upside of this unplugged-ness, I did get a ton of things done around the house.
  • BB's office is CLEAN - I mean, clean. I sorted, I purged, I filed, I oiled furniture, I washed windows and cleaned a ceiling fan. I vacuumed the carpet, I shampooed the carpet, I hooked up the scanner (that's been sitting in a box for 5 years!)...
  • the laundry is caught up.
  • the main floor is tidy and we're halfway through a weekend!
  • the playroom is clean (all the toys are like with like etc etc)
  • my office is halfway to being clean (it's in a 21 sq foot space that is 7 feet long, so cut me some slack will ya?)
  • the kids' rooms are spotless - all clothing is put away, windows clean, carpet clean
  • the bathrooms are are all spotless
  • the utility room is clean, and ready to be finished, funds permitting...
On top of that, we just received some unexpected financial gifts and our trip to Oregon is completely funded and we'll be paying it in CASH. NO CREDIT CARDS!

Oh, the cards will be in our wallets for extreme emergencies, but they'll remain safely tucked away unless one of those nasty situations arises.

The kids are healthy, Captain Chaos is thrilled at being 4, and used some of his birthday money to buy some toys today. I must say that the toy itself is cool - it's a Monster Truck ramp complete with tires, smashed cars and the like. I do not like the Monster Trucks themselves...really, why must a 4-year-old play with a truck named Grave Digger? I know it's a real truck. I got to see it live before Capt was born...but still... DG picked some lovely dress-up items, and has been walking around all afternoon sporting a Little Mermaid tiara, bracelet, earrings, and necklace, singing the songs and carrying her hammer around. Littlest One has turned on the waterworks, and is a very drooly baby. I don't remember the other 2 being quite so wet all the time...hmmmmm...she's trying desperately to roll over, but simply does not like being on her tummy. I attribute that to the fact that I don't like laying on a round surface either and was very uncomfortable being face-down for anything when I was pregnant, and since she has a chubby round tummy...it makes sense to me - it's downright uncomfortable!

BB is doing well, and we're getting ready for a garage sale in 2 weeks. Sigh. I hate this time of year for that reason. He prices junk too high, no one buys it, and he refuses to just simply donate it or throw it out...

I am currently painting a nifty bench to sell...and secretly hoping no one buys it. I like it. It's incredibly practical - it has storage and a high back with double hooks...so convenient for us. A place for bags and shoes and coats...I just have no wall to place it on, and it looks silly sitting in front of my open railing that runs the length of the stairway to the basement...stupid open floor plans...

I have not abandoned my Proverbs study, stick with me...it'll be back next week...I've just got a list a mile long of things to do to get ready for this garage sale and then we turn around and head to Oregon the Tuesday after!


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