June 17, 2010

It's Hot!

I'm reminded of the Shel Silverstein poem "Hot" today...you may remember the one...it goes something like:

It's hot! I'll drink lemonade in the shade.
It's hot! I think I'll take off my shoes...

and eventually ends with the line "It's Hot! I think I'll take off my skin and lay around in my bones..."

Yeah...it's that hot today. We had a play date at a local park with our Moms' Group (yup, that was today in case you forgot!), and from there, Captain Chaos, DG, Littlest One and I trekked the short distance to our new Chik-Fil-A (or, as Capt calls it "THE Chik-fil-A") for lunch. I schlepped the crew back uptown to a chiropractors appointment, and mistakenly thought the kids had it in them to hit our SuperTarget for a shopping expedition. I think if I had bypassed the new Kids Consignment store (local readers - go there! She is awesome!!!!!) and simply gone to Target to buy my things, we'd have been alright. My kids are easily bribed with the free cookies and promises of tasting ice cream at the in-store ColdStone...but today, it was not to be.

I am currently awaiting a call from BB to tell me if he can stop by on the way home and pick up lunch meat, cheese, tortillas (he only eats wraps these days, that husband of mine), and some shampoo. An odd assortment I know...but when you've got 3 kids tugging and pulling at you, even with your pen and list in hand, you're bound to miss something on your list, and shampoo was mine the last time I was there...

I am perturbed. My last 2 attempts at groceries with the kids have been distastrous...I mean, the screaming, shrieking, writhing-on-the-floor temper tantrum kind. And yes. I mean the kids. I reserved my breakdown for after getting home and disciplining the children for misbehaving in an unacceptable manner.

I have the best intentions to go after they are in bed, but really, when faced with the choice of watching such delightful summer programming as "Dance You A** Off", "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" or my new all-time favorite, "Pretty Little Liars" (insert sarcasm here folks - that's a horrible show), how can you be tempted to jump into the station wagon laden with reusable shopping bags, coupons, shopping list, pen and money? I mean come on! Who'd rather be at Target at 8:30 pm without children when you can sit on your butt and watch lousy television shows?

Maybe I'll go tonight while Burn Notice and Royal Pains are recording...

For now, I'm going to clean up my kitchen, make something fabulous for supper that requires no heat, and enjoy the fact that my kids are all asleep at the same time.

And then I've got to figure out how to record something from a DVD to a DVD...hmmmmm...and don't talk to me about copyright laws. I paid for these fair and square, I just don't want the originals going with me to Oregon, so there...I'm not selling them to anyone...

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