April 06, 2010


I just have to say that I think it totally sucks, bites, stinks, blows, whatever word you can come up with for it being downright LOUSY when you find out a good friend has packed up, left the State, is not just separated from her husband, and has left her children here, but is now divorced, her ex has remarried and she's living with some other guy with kids that are almost as old as she is...

Somehow, it just sort of takes the wind out of your sails to know that someone's marriage has failed. Especially when they were high school sweethearts that seemed to have that perfect relationship - and by that, I mean that they communicated, argued, talked, loved, laughed, played, worked and raised 2 amazing kids together...I know they both had issues and that they both made mistakes in their relationship, but they worked through them, forgave each other, and still loved each other...and now this?

I know I've been out of the loop of my former co-workers, but how could no one tell me this was going on?

I'm not so upset that I found out about it all after the fact...in fact, the thought didn't occur to me to be upset about it until just now...

needless to say...it is a stinky way to end my day online...maybe I'll go play some Mahjongg...sigh

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