April 19, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, day 1 of being on my own with 3 children is almost over...BB will be home in about 2 hours, and I've so far managed to survive.

This morning, BB and I were up early, as he had to be at a conference in a hotel about 45 minutes drive (in rush hour traffic) at 8 this morning.

Baby slept til around 7:30, DestructoGirl slept til 7:15, and Captain didn't get up until almost 9am.

That made a HUGE difference, as I was able to get up, get showered and dressed, have breakfast with BB and actually did some housework before feeding the baby.

After she awoke, ate, and went back to sleep, I got DG up, dressed and fed. Then, it was Capt's turn.

Being that I'm either an idiot, or a glutton for punishment, we've decided to potty train DG, as well as getting Captain going with the no Pull-ups thing at all, on top of adjusting to a new baby.

That being said, the rest of my day went something like this:
  • strip Captain's bed, wipe off mattress cover, put on fresh sheets
  • start load of laundry containing wet sheets, wet PJs, and clothes from yesterday
  • empty dishwasher, rinse breakfast dishes and load dishwasher, clean up kitchen
  • get kids playing wholeheartedly
  • dust furniture and blinds, vacuum carpet in kids' rooms
  • clean kids' bathroom
  • change baby's diaper
  • feed baby
  • drink 32 oz water
  • take DG to bathroom to help her pull up her pants (don't ask...long story)
  • made and packed lunch, loaded up all 3 kids and walked to park to have picnic and play
  • came home and put big kids down for naps
  • fed baby, changed baby, fed baby some more
  • put baby down in pack-n-play
  • sat down to check email, read blogs, update FB
  • hurriedly typed this list before baby's squalling wakes the dead and the kids
At some point, I must prepare dinner that is both delicious and healthy as well as feed and change baby a few more times, along with snuggling with and reading to the 2 older ones.

I think I'm going to be ok, but tomorrow will be the real test...trash day, as well as getting all 5 of us up, dressed, fed and out the door before 8:30 so BB can get to conference day 2, and Captain to school...then its off to the emissions testing place and to get new tags for the truck...

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