April 06, 2010

20 Days and All's Well

The family is settling in quite nicely to having 3 children. Of course, the newest one still doesn't do much beyond eat, sleep and fill her diapers...but that brings new challenges with it.

DestructoGirl loves her baby sister, and is constantly trying to pat her head, rub her back, hold her hand or stuff the pacifier into her mouth. She wants nothing more than to be the mama. Captain Chaos also loves his sisters very much. He also likes to drop kisses, give hugs, read books, share his Legos...

#3 (who needs a bloggy name) is a trooper. She eats like a champ, and is currently sleeping at least 6 hours a shot at night. I know how blessed I am with such good sleepers and eaters...such mellow babies...I'm treasuring this time, as I think that BB will hold out on his "no more kids" mantra much stronger this time around. I'd have to be downright devious and sneaky to get a 4th, and I'm just not going there.

Yesterday, I actually spent time decluttering my house...BB has this habit of just putting things down on the tables and countertops and leaving them. For weeks and months if I don't do something with it. My struggle there is that I promised not to move his magazines from 2 of the spots that he uses, and those spots are currently heaped to tumbling with magazines, fliers, circulars...at least he's put all his dishes in the sink at the end of each day for the last 5 days.

I emptied the garbage today, brought in the milk delivery, have been walking to get the mail from our box (at the end of our driveway in my neighborhood, so not very far). I even vacuumed the family room carpet yesterday. I've been keeping up with the laundry, but am feeling dismally behind on all other things...no baking, no dusting, no scrubbing of bathrooms...

I know it sounds silly, and I know I'm recovering from having a baby, and major surgery...but still...I feel great, I know not to lift things heavier than the baby, so I don't. It is just that #3 is not on any sort of real routine yet, and it's hard to make time to do those things. I know it is more important to spend time reading, playing and snuggling with the kids, but there are times I get so disgusted with the state of non-cleanliness right now...and in reality, it isn't that bad. BB keeps the kitchen floors swept, and I'm doing things like making sure all of the kids' things and mine are picked up and put away...and BB is only home for another 2 weeks...and then I can hit it hard and get things all shiny and clean again.

I'm thankful that the majority of my Spring Cleaning was done before she was born...at least I don't have to worry about the inside of the windows, or other detail cleaning...

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