March 25, 2010

Settling In

While we are by no means into any sort of a routine that will last for more than a day or so at best, we are settling in...our new little one is quite a voracious eater thus far, and I feel a bit like a cross between a cow and an all you can eat buffet...BUT, I know how worth it nursing is, and how blessed I am to be able to physically do so.

That being said, I do wish that we were into the part where the baby would sleep longer than 2 hours at a time, just so I could sleep longer than an hour or so without it being the middle of the day. I know that she's got her days and nights a bit backward still, and that's ok, it'll right itself.

So far, she seems to be mellow and laid back, but that could be the fact that she sleeps most of the time.

She's rolly and dimpled and has still got her cap of dark hair. She has these delicious dimples in her elbows, and a neck that would shame a linebacker...her eyes are bright and they are already getting better at tracking and focusing on things like BB's face when he talks to her.

The kids are still enamored of her and don't seem to be too jealous of the fact that all Mommy seems to be doing is feeding, changing, or rocking her.

She does, however, need a baby bloggy name, and as of yet, nothing has stuck me...our other kids' blog names are so ironic at this point, because Capt has really settled into more directed and constructive activities, including looking at the picture on his bucket of Legos and building what he sees...with no directions, or 3-dimensional renderings...and DestructoGirl is also settling into more appropriate "girl" activities like playing with her dollhouse and people in more true-to-life ways (although we do NOT slide down our roof or climb out our windows around here as they tend to do...), and she's into her dollies and her kitchen, in fact, this morning, she made me hot dogs, hamburgers and eggs for breakfast and even served me on a plate with silverware...they were the best darn imaginary treats that I've ever had!

She's more of our daredevil still, and Capt is definitely is more conservative and analytical...but the new one is still a mystery, as she's only one week old.

It seems odd at times to be back at square one with development and fact, last night, I was changing her and just sort of marveled at how little she is, and how funny it is to be changing a diaper again, as we've been diaper-free (still using training pants of some sort for DG) for over 6 months now...and the idea of starting over with cereal and pureed fruit and veggies in 4 months, feeding someone from a spoon when our other 2 are so independent...

The biggest shock is how tiny everything seems...and I cannot imagine the shock that parents whose children are more than 4 years apart must go through...

Well, DG is asking for a snack and some apple juice and it's time to feed the baby again soon and put in my lunch order with BB (he'll be home in a short while with Capt from school).

Today we take the baby for a genetic re-screening (thank goodness for the state of CO mandating that for all babies born in a medical facility!) and then we come home to just hang out some more.

It's going to be an odd adjustment once BB goes back to work, and I'm hopeful that my follow-up appointment will provide me a clean bill of health and will allow me to do more, so I can work my way back into a groove of some sorts in the last 6 weeks of the school year. At least I have all summer to really get it together before I have to be driving Capt to school 3 days a week!

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