March 12, 2010

T-Minus 5 Days

Well, yesterday's check-up revealed that I'm about 1cm dilated. I apparently am having more contractions than I realize...guess I'm not so in tune with my body after all eh?

At any rate...we stayed home from Small Group last night, just in case, and most likely will only go to Church this weekend.

The kids are having a pizza date with my folks tomorrow night, so BB and I can have one last night with no kiddos around before #3's arrival.

This morning, I awoke, if not fully refreshed, determined and motivated to get things in order. SO...after breakfast, the kids helped me use my little Dirt Devil hand-held vacuum and they did the stairs for me. I have dusted and tidied the master, tidied the bathroom, tidied the kids' bedrooms and bathroom, cleaned the powder room, swept the floors, vacuumed, and did the laundry that needed doing. I also went and bought groceries.

SO...I feel that we are truly ready and all I'll be doing from here on out is keeping tabs on how I'm feeling and keeping things picked up and put away as much as I can.

I still have some things that need put away on the dividing wall between my kitchen and family room...not a ton, but just those things that you put down telling yourself "I'll get it on my next trip to (insert room here)", and then they still sit there a week later? Yup, that stuff...

SO...I'm going to send an email to FarmWife, asking her to post an announcement after I call her, on her own blog.

SO...if you wanna know what's up when it all shakes out, you'll have to hop on over to FarmWife's blog at

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i'm snxiously waiting.