March 11, 2010

ramblings of the sleep-deprived

Today I am tired. I didn't sleep well - lots of wiggly baby discomfort, which caused me to sort of mildly panic, thinking I was starting labor...being afraid to move for fear I'd start the know the sort of night...

We had Moms' group this morning, and it was fabulous, but I'm sort of own small group leader was away, and our mentor was part of the presenting group today, so it sort of accidentally fell on my shoulders to keep things going the way they were supposed to.

The kids are full of energy, because, for once since New Year's they are both completely free of any infection or anything that might cause sniffles, coughing and the like. It is just cold enough outside that we aren't playing outdoors...I'm a's not really that cold...I just don't have the energy to play with them, and don't want to sit in the still wintery air...

I have a load of laundry that must get done today, and really ought to make sure our sheets are changed...but right now, all I want to do is sit here and be a vegetable for awhile.

In light of that feeling, the kids got to have a carpet picnic, watch some PBS Kids, and play with toys, all at the same time...and I'm going to sit here a bit longer and play some online Mahjonng and not feel a darn bit guilty about it.

After I throw the kids for their naps, I'll gather what I need for Small Group, an MK Customer, and figure something out for a quick but filling supper that BB, the kids and I can snarf down between doctor appointment and heading to small group.

Today is our last appointment pre-baby...hopefully all will be "closed up tight", as she likes to say, so we can safely navigate through the coming weekend with no additional worries of my needing to be off my feet...because BB really can't start his leave til next Tuesday at the earliest...pray that he gets all his stuff done, even if it means he has to log in and work Saturday and Sunday...

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