March 20, 2010

My Girl

Well, here I am, home again, safe and sound (except for the healing incision in my stomach) with a brand spanking new girl.

She's beautiful, and matches the other kids quite's always nice when you can have a matched set of something isn't it? :D

OK, seriously...all went well, we were just busy and tired and the LD ward was full-up all weekend long with lots and lots of of the nurses told us just this morning that they went from 54 to 76 in the last 5 days...and there are still 10 days left for babies this month! YIKES!

That being said, I'm feeling great, looking great apparently from the comments I've been receiving, and the baby is deliciously dimpled and rolly...

She weighed 9lbs 5ozs and measured up at 20 3/4". She's currently sporting a fair amount of dark hair and has these beautiful bright eyes that are busy taking everything in when she's awake.

I'm off to call more folks and share the news, and then hope to catch a bit of a snooze (but am not holding my breath!)

Thanks to all of you for prayers and support!


Ang said...

Congrats so happy for you and BB

Give everyone a hug for me..

Ang said...

Congrats so happy for you and BB

Give everyone a hug for me..

Inkling said...

I am so excited for you. I just wish you could put her new baby scent on the blog so we could inhale. ;) I prayed for you guys and am so glad you both came through well and healthy. May you have a quick and smooth recovery, and may BB suddenly find a penchant for doing housework so you can sit back, love on your baby, and maybe eat a bon bon or two. =)

Penny said...

congrats!! what a precious gift from God for your family..enjoy, they grow up so fast...