March 01, 2010

16 Days and Counting

OK - technically, I'm only at 36w5d, however, as we're scheduled for St. Patrick's Day, that leaves us at little more than 2 weeks to go.

I'm still not convinced I'll make it that long, but I'm doing all I can do stay hydrated, and rest...

Today we began our foray into a cash-only more credit or debit only. It is a bit scary to think that all we have is what is in the checking account. It is is freaking me out a bit, and yet, it is strangely liberating.

Example: the insert ads in Sunday's paper...don't about your paper, but ours is always at least 2/3 ads from local retailers...all touting their fantastic deals on things you MUST HAVE, and can now get for cheaper than ever, or with no money down, or with 0% for however long... Over the last 4 weeks, since BB made his decision about doing this plan whole-hog, I'm finding it interesting to see that he is doing much better with his mindset. Previously, we'd talk about "let's not spend money...we don't need any of these things", and yet, he'd sit and look at the sale ads, and start talking and dreaming about buying something new...Yesterday, he read the paper, and pulled the ads out just like always, and he sort of flipped through a couple and put them down for the recycle bin. I asked if he was done, and he commented that it made no sense to read them as there wasn't money in the budget, and even if there was, we didn't honestly NEED anything that was in there!

I was so was silly...

We are about 1/3 of the way through paying off our consumer debt, and I'm so excited about our timeline to pay things off...I'm all giddy! I cannot tell you the party I want to have with BB when the final credit card is paid off, and we move on to the stupid debt we incurred, that must now be paid off...and that makes me mad that we were dumb, we were duped by a slick salesman, and made a decision that, if we hadn't made, would have allowed us to be many, many dollars ahead of where we are now...BUT, I can't dwell on what we DID, only what we are doing now.

That being said, I must log off, and get our monthly budget in order. And let BB know that even with cash, I was able to get all the groceries we need until next payday, plus stuff for the kids, and still came in under our budget! I love me some good sales plus some excellent coupons! WOOT!

Now, all I have to do is chill out and work really, really hard on not spending any more money until the 15th...


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