February 25, 2010

Fluff...Sometimes is No Fun

As you can tell, I'm back, with much time on my hands, and not much to do...oh I could be baking, or getting stuff ready for dinner...or working on the Great American Novel...you know...

But you know what? the Gold Medal Round of Women's Hockey is starting about the same time that I have to head to the doctor...I'm a bit perturbed, and I think that BB won't want to watch it...but I do! This is so cool...sorry to any Canadian fans or readers out there...but I'm pulling for the Red White & Blue all the way...go USA!

Alright, that being said...I'm seriously wondering just how much more nesting I can do without getting myself into trouble...I've got all the baby clothes ready, I just received a box from Diapers dot com (wow, I wish I'd have found them with Captain!!!! CHEAP!!!!!) with wipes and diapers for the new baby to get us through til the weight gain gets us up to that which will fit the cloth diapers and covers...The nursery is ready. I'm keeping on top of the laundry, which is no small feat as you all know. I'm keeping on top of the tidying and vacuuming and the like. I'm just not on top of the baking that I'd like to do...but you know what? Sometimes, there's just nothing therapeutic about making bread... Let's see...the bag is packed, the pre-registration is taken care of...all that we have to do is wait.

I've never been very good at waiting...and even though I know that the wait will be over no later than St. Patrick's Day, I'm struggling...I think I'll be happy when the Olympics are over, so that I can have crappy daytime tv back, and then maybe I won't sit around on my expanding rear-end and watch fluff and filler...blech...

Now that I'm done whining, I'm going to make some bread dough, and figure out what we're having for dinner tonight.

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