February 20, 2010

Because I Needed A Little Break

Well...thanks to my awesome mother, who came by on Monday with my Dad to deliver a gift of a dresser for the nursery (the only thing we were missing), and stayed to help me get the finishing touches on the nursery, Captain's room, and DG's room, and then came back on Wednesday and cleaned all by the master bed and bathrooms (as in, she was on hands and knees scrubbing floors for me!), I was able to spend yesterday morning focusing on the playroom, which is currently cleared of the mass of toys on the floor, all things are picked up and put away. There is no trash, there are no random sippy cups littering the room, it even got vacuumed thoroughly.

Together, yesterday, BB and I managed to:
  • organize and clean the playroom
  • organize and straighten the "living room" area of the basement
  • put away 6 tubs of kids' clothes
  • straighten and sweep the storage room
  • wash, dry, fold and put away 3 loads of laundry
Today, BB is helping some friends of ours who are expecting a widowed sister and her 2 children to move in with them this summer, which requires a finished basement living space.

In the 2 1/2 hours since he left this morning, I've:
  • made, fed, and cleaned up breakfast for the kids, myself and the cats (ok, I dumped food in the cat's dishes...)
  • tidied the family room
  • read yesterday and today's newspapers
  • paid some bills and balanced the checkbook
  • found and started washing the remainder of baby items (receiving blankets, burp rags)
  • sorted and purged 5 huge boxes and tubs of random assorted crap
In the next 90 minutes I plan on:
  • putting away all the books and papers that remain
  • installing shelf pins and shelves in the playroom (they were lost, but now are found!)
  • putting big toys and books on shelves for kids
  • putting away my MK items that didn't get put away after the Open House I did in November.
  • thoroughly vacuuming my office space
This will allow BB and I to rearrange any unsold furniture items to allow space for my office things, which will in turn allow him to get in and frame my office space, thus completing the next step of our basement finishing project.

I dearly wish we could install the electrical and get the insulation and sheetrock up, but we'd have to pull the permit to do that, and permits in our City are only good for 12 months before you have to pull a new one. Since the cost is not minimal (not extreme either), we'd rather frame all the exterior walls, and then submit our plans and apply for our permit, so we can do the insulation, the wiring, and then get the sheetrock up. Once that is done, we'll most likely have someone come in and tape and mud the sheetrock, then we'll paint, and have the flooring installed, and put in the miles and miles of trim molding.

I'm excited that even with following Dave Ramsey's plan we can be debt-free but for the mortgage, and still be able to finish our basement and pay with CASH!

I cannot tell you enough times how liberating it is to know that we are on the way to paying off our credit card debt!

It is thrilling to know that we are going to live like no one else so later, we can LIVE like no one else.

I long for the day when I can say that we are debt-free, have a large emergency fund, plus a budgeted amount for cars, house repairs, clothing, vacations...and that we can pay for the kids' education with cash when the time comes...soon...all in good time, and Lord willing, we'll be there!

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