December 07, 2009

Snow Day

No...the schools are not closed...but it is a frigid wonderland out there right now...we've gotten what they call "champaign powder"...where the air is so dry that all the moisture is squeezed out of the snow and it is like feathery sand...light, no good for anything but looking at and skiing or snowboarding upon...and since I'm pregnant and have a preschooler and toddler, there will be no skiing or snowboarding for me...which honestly wouldn't change if I were single and had lots of money. I'm a looker-at-the-snow, not a get-out-and-enjoy-it kind of girl.

That being said, I must now go take pictures of our refrigerator, post them in an ad so we can sell it to help take the sting out of a new one that will be here Thursday. Merry Christmas to me...sigh.

And after that, I have a batch of cookies to make for Captain's Christmas program tonight at Church for preschool.

And after that, I have laundry to finish, and a house to clean, and a packing list to make, and presents to wrap and mail.

Oh least I'm at home to do them, and don't have to think about doing it all when I get home at the end of a long day today!

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