November 19, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours

Well...since I last posted, Captain Chaos' symptoms have neither worsened nor improved, DestructoGirl is sporting a constant stream of snot from her nose to her lip, and BB has been fighting the ick for the last 6 days.

He worked from home Monday through Wednesday, although that really only involved logging in and checking email in between episodes of WWII shows on History, TLC, and Military channels, along with sleeping.

I was totally unable to do anything, as he was sleeping in his recliner, in the family room, and would startle awake if anything louder than a fly blinked in the room.


As a result, I have spent the day running around, tidying up, scrubbing, mopping, emptying trash cans, and catching up on my favorite blogs and FB. I am no comfortably ensconced the chair, watching my episodes of DOOL, my one guilty pleasure, and a steamy mug of caffeine free herbal tea which tastes rather a bit like mud, but is "safe" for me and baby to be sharing.

My nose is stuffy, and I have an icky cough at night...BUT I'm healthy - no fever no aches, no signs of anything more than just a slight cold on top of the fun "rhinitis of pregnancy" which I am so lucky to deal with. Honestly though, being as I never suffered a blip of heartburn or indigestion, nor swelling, or elevated blood pressure, I will take the constantly runny nose. Much easier to just carry tissues with me everywhere (I already do that as a Mom anyway) than to fight things I can't treat with any OTC medications.

That being said, my doors and windows are thrown wide, in an effort to rid the house of the stale, stuffy, germ-ridden air that has ensconced us for the last 6 weeks, on and off...and the sun is shining.

Our car wouldn't start this morning, so I had to drive BB to work, and Capt to school, run my errands, come home, put things away, clean up, turn around and go pick Capt up, and then come home, make lunch, put the kids down for their naps, and pray that they sleep long enough to be fully rested, give me time to finish some more housework, and yet wake up early enough to be fully awake so we can pick up BB from work.

BB and my Dad are going to a woodworking show this weekend, and will be gone all day Saturday, and I'm praying, all day Sunday. That way I can get my entire house cleaned up, disinfected, and get Christmas decorations ready to be put up...and in fact, may even start putting things up early next week.

I'm excited about it. After all, in 4 weeks, we'll be at the in-laws for our Christmas visit.

I must, therefore, get busy with shopping and photo selecting for a Christmas card.

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