November 20, 2009

Sunshiny Day

Well. BB went to work again today. A first as he hasn't been into the office on a Friday in quite a long time. Also special because he was home so many days last week and into this week sick.

I am glad that he's feeling better. I am glad the kids seem to be on the mend. Captain's cough is lessening in frequency and severity. DG's snot is thinning and changing color. Her cough is still pretty intense, but she doesn't seem fazed by it. I'm sporting that constant tickle in the back of my throat...the one that makes you feel as if you breathe too deeply you'll fall over dead from the coughing attack? Yeah...that one. is supposed to get into the high 50s today, with clear skies. SO, my windows and doors are open to get the nasty germy air out of our house.

So far this morning, I've:
  • put on my mask and gloves to clean up after the cats
  • vacuumed all thing upholstered and carpeted
  • swept all hard flooring
  • changed the kids' bedding and put on clean
  • dusted the kids' rooms
  • scrubbed the kids' bathroom
  • changed my bedding
  • scrubbed my bathroom
  • done 3 loads of laundry (not including bedding)
Still on my list:
  • clean the kitchen thoroughly
  • dust all the knick-knacks and furniture
  • clean the powder room
  • finish all laundry
  • do the ironing
  • select a great photo for our Christmas card and get it printed
  • address envelopes for Christmas cards and begin writing notes
  • clean playroom and rest of basement as thoroughly as one can clean an unfinished concrete box (insert rueful smile here)
  • pull out Christmas decorations and sort through which ones I want out this year
  • select recipes for cookie/goody baking for exchange with neighbors
  • finish cleaning nursery and sorting clothing for baby
I know that's a lot, but BB will be gone all day today at work, all day tomorrow and Sunday at a Woodworking show/convention with my Dad, and Mom has a quilting class that goes most of the day tomorrow.

I have a lot of time on my hands, and even with throwing Church attendance into the mix, will have many hours with no husband to interrupt my productivity.

Well, I've got to get back to it.

The kids are watching "RindaReddy!" (That's Cinderella for those that speak DG) and are actually sitting quietly on the couch.

my time just went off indicating that "break time" is officially over, and just in time too!

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