October 07, 2009

Wednesday Already??!?!

Where has this week gone????


I had grand plans to achieve so much this week...and I allowed the rain to thwart my plans, and then yesterday the kids' did the "dueling naps" thing and I was either hugging, snuggling, loving, reprimanding or changing someone's diaper for the entire day.

We had a great Bible Study last night (I HEART this study and our leaders!), and fairly good study this morning. I found myself morbidly wondering as I drove away from the church, if my group was truly pleased to see me this morning...sometimes I wonder that, as I have a tendency to talk too much...I have issues with silence at things like Bible Study, and wonder if what I'm saying has any merit at all.

Tomorrow is Moms' Group...we've been doing something every day or night this week, and I'm pooped!

I'm going to work hard after Capt and Tiny Princess go down for their naps, to get the house clean, the laundry done, and my garden cleaned up. I know that I can do part today and part tomorrow, so I won't overdo it. But, they're calling for snow this weekend, and temps are supposed to be down in the upper 30's during the daytime, and I'm just wiped out, so I'd like to be done with everything so we can stick close to home and just hang out doing fun things, and getting the rest of the things put away in the garage, so we can put the truck and the car in before it get's too yucky...BB won't give in on the motorcycle until the snow sticks around on a weekday...so my car may be stuck in the driveway for a few more weeks yet...sigh...

I had a profound post to put up today, but for some reason, it's gone...out of my mind...no lingering shred of it to be found...

Oh well...

I hope that you're all enjoying your day, wherever you are.

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