October 20, 2009

Turbulent Tuesday

Cranky 40-month-old boy + Sensitive Teething 21-month-old-girl + Worn Out 18-week-pregnant Mommy = BAD DAY

OY...I am struggling today with being slow to anger, not always accusing, and focusing on the Proverbs 31 woman's qualities that I would like to instill in my own life...

Rough night, rough start to day, sick cat (thankfully contained to basement floor which is concrete), worked hard yesterday for BB's birthday (which was great), and freaking out about Swine Flu...

Found out our neighbor boy came down with Swine Flu symptoms last Thursday evening, and was kept home from school Friday, yesterday, and won't be allowed back by School District til this Thursday...hearing that their doc said "Your whole family will get this flu, because you'll all be together for the next 10 days. Oh, and call anyone that you've spent time with in the last week and let them know. No, we don't need to do a blood test...his symptoms are just like all the other cases, so we're not wasting resources and patients' money on needless tests."

I don't think we have it, or that we'll get it...but still! All you hear about is "pregnant woman dies from H1N1!" or "4 year old boy dies. Confirmed H1N1 case"...


SO - I spent all weekend sanitizing my house with my steam cleaner (Thank goodness for that machine!)...I was able to sterilize and sanitize every surface in my house with about 10 gallons of water, and elbow grease...my bathrooms are odor and germ free. My kitchen is spotless...the floors are gleaming...the upholstery is clean, the carpet is as clean as it can get with 4 people, 2 cast, one dog, and a woodworking shop. I even cleaned the kids toys...as many toys as could be cleaned with steam were. The dog and cat dishes and every plate, cup, bowl, utensil and appliance we own is now clean, disinfected, and ready for our germy mouths to use again. I even went so far as to trash the kids' toothbrushes and get them new ones, even though theirs are only about 2 months old. I bought 2 more for each of them, so if we do get sick, we've got back-ups and I don't have to go to the store. Oh yeah! I laundered our pillows, and all the bedding. I even vacuumed our mattresses, and then sprayed them with a mixture of Eucalyptus oil, distilled water and alcohol to disinfect them!

Today, I plan to sit around on my expanding butt, watch crappy daytime television while the kids "play" in the basement (Captain is really telling Princess how to play trains, not playing), fold clean laundry, bake some Brownies, and try to decide, if it's been 6 days since he showed symptoms, and we're all symptom-free, does that mean we're in the clear? Should we go to Small Group tonight? Should I take the kids to Bible Study tomorrow and Moms' Group on Thursday?!?!?!?

Prayers and advice are much appreciated please!!!!!!

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