October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday BB!!!

Well, here we are...today is BB's birthday. If you ask Captain Chaos, "Daddy is bifty-free!" In reality, he's only 35 today.

We had a good weekend so far...bought him some new things for his shop, and then he spent the rest of the weekend in his shop making sawdust, cleaning up, organizing, and he tells me that he's close to finishing my music cabinet!

We had breakfast out at a fun truck stop that has these amazing cinnamon rolls (is there a truck stop that doesn't have those?), and stuffed ourselves on yummy goodness...shopped, and stuffed ourselves on more food for lunch, came home, and while the kids napped, BB spent the afternoon in his shop. Sunday, we spent the day relaxed, alternating between watching football games, and working in and outside the house. Last night, we just hung out, and watched some tv.

This morning, we sent him off to work with loud shouts of "happy happy Daddy!" from Tiny Princess, "It's my birfday too Daddy! Bring me a presents! Pive of dem!" from Captain Chaos, and a wave and smile from me.

We met him for lunch at our Red Robin where I proceeded to stuff myself on that sandwich you've seen in the commercials recently...you know...the one where they top the meat with pepperoni, 3 fried cheese sticks, and marinara sauce. What they don't tell you in the commercial, is that you will SO not need to eat the fries, or ANY or your husband's birthday Sundae...OY!

As a result, I have spent the afternoon trying to fold clean laundry and tidy up the house without collapsing into a food coma...at least I can blame it on the baby!


Penny said...

Red Robin is our favorite bday place too!! Did you get a coupon for a free Bday meal? just sign up for their eclub and you will...in fact we sign up for eclubs at our favorite places and get stuff for bdays and anniversaries!!! Happy bday to your hubby!!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to bb!