October 16, 2009

Thinking Back

Today, Sarah over at Ordinary Days posted a memory of her hubby from back as they were preparing to wed. It made me smile, and she asked what particular song or memory are we (her readers) attached to.

I came up with a couple, and will share just one...our song, the one we had our first dance as husband and wife to, is "Amazed" by LoneStar.

It was sweet, but as soon as it came out we both sort of picked it as ours, without ever talking to each other...anytime it came on the radio (back before everyone had portable mP3 player...before there even were portable mP3 players), I would think of him...with that gushing sort of overwhelming warmth and mushiness that only an engaged couple can have for each other...the one that confirms that all your girlish dreams and fantasies of "happily ever after" were about to come true...because not only did you think he'd make an excellent husband, he actually asked you to marry him!

The words, which I will not quote to you here, just seemed to fit us so well, how we fit each other, how we felt about each other...something akin to Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight"...or the fantastic classic "Just the Way You Look Tonight"...sigh...

Alright, that's enough mushiness...but rest assured that every so often our local country station does play that one, and even now, when I hear it, I get that misty smile on my face as I sing along, and it's such a good feeling...

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