October 15, 2009


I am feeling much better today, and am in the midst of a break from all things domestic. It is a short break...just long enough to eat my lunch, clean up from the kids' lunch, and pop in some Veggies for the kiddos to watch while I power through the rest of my list.

I decided last night that I will apologize to my parents. I am sorry for the way things played out, and hope that they'll be my wonderful parents and forgive me, as they've always done, time and time again when I do something stupid, childish, selfish and the list goes on and one and on...

For now, I'm indulging my inner slob by watching the marathon of "How Clean Is Your House?" and reminding myself that "I'm not that bad!!!!"

And after watching Kim clean the drain with Baking Soda, salt & white vinegar, followed by boiling water down the kitchen sink, I'll be following suit on my own drains today...

I love me some clean house!!!

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