October 30, 2009

One Week and Counting

We are about halfway through Day 7 in a row of Captain Chaos being dry in his underpants.

I cannot explain how excited this makes me. You see...if Captain is daytime potty trained, then Tiny Princess (soon to be renamed Destructo Girl) will follow suit swiftly. Anything big brother does, she must also do.

Wish us luck as we train #2 and get her transitioned to a big girl bed all before March.


The Crap Blog Detective said...

Please don't use italics. I had to turn my monitor just to read your blog.

It wasn't worth it.

FarmWife said...

Take a flying leap, CBD. Just because it wasn't worth your while, doesn't mean it doesn't have worth. It's not all about you, honey.

That being said, Whooo-Hooo! Way to go, Captain!!

I'm not sure what day we're on...I've not been counting. I don't remember the last real accident Bitsy's had. She's had a few "aim" accidents (I'd forgotten little girls can have that problem). I bought our last pack of pull-ups this week but I'm holding on to a sleeve of diapers incase of winter time stomach bugs. Ewwwwww.

Kork said...

Gosh, here I feel so bad for CBD...maybe I'll get a Crappy award for my italics. I guess he didn't follow the link to Eden's post about blogging regardless eh?

Seriously...I can't not use italics...it's how I talk...if I can't use my hands online to make my points, in my good Italian way, then you have to suffer through my italics. so there. pbbtthhh! :D