October 29, 2009


Today, I blipped over to a blog I much enjoy, and admire. The writer is gritty, honest, so real...I wonder if she ever looks at my comments and thinks "Who is this woman, and what can she possibly know about me and where I've been?"

At any rate, today, she linked to a post by yet another blogger. I was curious, so I followed the link and found the following post at Eden. It intrigued me, and sort of reminded me what the whole purpose was for my blog in the first place.

It wasn't to gain a following of folks from around the world...it really was a place for me to vent without actually using a handwritten journal, or spiral notebook as I would have back in the day...

SO, while I admit it is wonderful to know that folks are reading me, and providing me a sounding board, I must confess that I shall try in the future to simply post for myself.

I have a friend who's been struggling with this, and I hope that if she follows this link, she realizes the same thing I did.

If anyone is reading me, then thank you!!! And I hope you truly do have a great day!

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