October 14, 2009

Middle of the Week

Today is a bit better...it's been confirmed that BIL has left SIL, and that stinks.

Bible Study was great. The kids are playing mostly happily in the basement (naptime is right around the corner), and I've got most of my house clean.

It is stupid, but my mom is coming to sit for the kids tomorrow afternoon while I'm at my doctor's appointment, and I hate having her come to the house when it isn't dusted, vacuumed, swept and mopped...

And so, while I'd much rather curl up in bed for a nap of my own this afternoon, instead I'll be chipping away at my to-do list...ah...the joys of housework...At the least, before she gets here tomorrow afternoon, I must:
  • pick up and put away a lot of things (toys, books, magazines, bills)
  • clean my kitchen from top to bottom
  • dust everything
  • vacuum
  • mop my hardwood and linoleum floors
  • scrub all 3 bathrooms
  • change sheets
  • finish laundry and ironing.
These are in order of priority...I know that if I can get everything picked up and put away, the kitchen cleaned today, I can do the rest tomorrow while Captain is at preschool, and Tiny Princess is napping.

I know that it shouldn't matter what my house looks like, but it is pretty bad right now...and it's bothering me regardless of my mom's being here, and so, I'm logging off to go get things tidied up as much as I can before naptime starts.

Woo hoo...

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