October 02, 2009

Friday Afternoon, Auction Addiction, and Other Random Tidbits

OK - it is 2pm, I have about 18 pounds of peaches left to preserve, 30 pounds of apples I'd like to turn into applesauce and can, several pounds of strawberries I intend to turn into preserves for BB, 4 loads of laundry, 3 beds to change, a house to dust and vacuum.

Right now, the family room carpet is relatively free of detritus and debris from kids, pets and husband. The kitchen is mostly clean, although there is still some PB&J remains to scrub off the table, and my floors are a sticky mess that have me wearing shoes in my house (a usually forbidden practice!).

I had to drive into a neighboring town, which, while only 17 miles away, along a 4-lane State Highway, took me over an hour, due to the fact that said State Highway is under construction...or marked for construction and blocked down to one lane either direction, with no sight of vehicles or equipment for said construction, and the road off the Highway, into the part of town to which I needed to go was also under construction and closed down to one lane either direction (normally a 6-lane busy road, main thoroughfare type of street). My errand took all of 7 minutes including unloading Captain Chaos, winding my way through the building, paying for and picking up items, winding back through the office, and loading up the boy...I was gone for 2 1/2 hours...it was insane and frustrating. To top things off, my phone battery, which was half-charged last night when I powered off (a habit I just cannot break) decided it wasn't going to turn on this morning, which I didn't realize until halfway to my destination!

We came home, BB informed me that there had been service vendor with whom we had an appointment at 11:30 this morning (it wasn't on either of our calendars...not sure who slipped up), then asked me what was for lunch. He then sat there for another 20 minutes while I helped Capt go potty, washed hands, made lunches, and got Tiny Princess from her morning nap (not sure how long she'd been crying while I was gone...grrr).

Then, after lunch, BB sat down in his armchair and watched TV for an hour before heading out the door with a neighbor to pick up some items from Denver purchased through an auction. He's been gone about 20 minutes, and has to be back at 4 for yet another appointment with yet another vendor, for which we both must be here.

I am frustrated, frazzled, and bit miffed...you see, BB and I have been very frank with each other about the spending habits that annoy us the most about the other, and have conversed clearly with our expectations that being frugal and saving money is a family commitment to which we both must be true. I have been scraping and pinching and clipping coupons and planning menus based solely on what is in my pantry or freezer, and using less than my budget for fresh things like eggs, cheese, yogurt and the like, and I come to find out that he's been doing these online auctions, and bidding on things without telling me unless we have the winning bid.

He told me on Wednesday night that we won some work tables that had to be picked up by today. No big deal. It will cost us more in gas to get there and back than our money. They are big tables from a warehouse-type place...like 4' x 8' and they are "work height"...so about kitchen counter height. Perfect for me to use in the basement for my crafting, as the kids can't just sit down and mess things up...they have a large shelf underneath upon which I'll be able to store paper products like towels, tissues, napkins and toilet paper as well as many other things. I'm excited. I may have to paint them at some point, but whoopie...a coat of paint and a couple hours of time to do said painting...no big deal.

However...after I made a special trip to the bank yesterday to get money for said tables (one of which will go in BB's shop), he came home and informed me that he needed another $20 for a different auction (which items I retrieved this morning).

I am really feeling pressure to change my ways, and today is a perfect example of why I need to change. I think I've done well...I haven't raised my voice at anyone or anything yet, even the driver of a large van that was literally about 6 inches from my back bumper the entire way home...and it's not as though I was driving slowly...OY!

I have dealt calmly and gently with the kids during each event of discipline that was required. The kids are happy, and mellow, and have responded very well. The dog has responded well, listening the first time I issue a command (which is normal, but as of late has been the exception, not the rule), and BB and I had a good morning all things considered.

However! I have so much to do, and I can't really do anything but the laundry while waiting for this vendor to get here today...although I suppose I could get some applesauce cooking in my crockpot to be canned this evening...

Sigh...I'm just having one of those days, and I find myself wishing for a big steaming hot Chai, and know that the closest I'll get for at least another 4 months is a cup of Wild Berry Zinger with a somewhat stingy blop of honey...and I really don't like berry teas...I want Chai, I want a big bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups all to myself...

I'm whiny, in need of a good massage, a finished utility room, a painted room for Tiny Princess to be moved into, so that I can paint the nursery walls, and clean the carpets, and be ready for this new baby to join us...and I want it to be done before Christmas...I want 2 fully potty trained kids before March...I want only one in diapers...I'm tired of lugging a fully loaded diaper bag with diapers and clothes for a weekend trip just so we can go to Church...

Alright...that's enough of that...if you're still reading this, thank you...sometimes, a girl's just gotta vent a bit...

In other news, please be praying for my friend Kat. She's in the hospital with a staph infection in her breast...and she's got a 3 month old and 2 year old at home...her husband is out of work, and things are ugly financially, and she's been there for 10 days already, and doesn't get to come home for at least 3 more days...she's been pumping from one side, and her husband and MIL have been bringing the kids by for visits and feedings, and taking home bottles...but it's not ideal...it stinks, and they aren't sure if the staph is resistant or not.

pray for them, that she'll get better FAST, that her husband will find a job that will help them out financially, and that the kids will be ok with the time she's been away...for a smooth transition back home...


Inkling said...

I'm impressed that you've been able to hold it together. I would have crumpled into a heap of tears and snot by now. hugs to you...now I will close because I'm controlling my urge to lose my temper with BB on your behalf. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! And now I'm speechless.. Wow! You definitely deserve that Chai and a massage! Hell a WHOLE day at a spa is what you need! Instead of a baby shower this time around everyone should get together and hire you maid service for a month - not that expensive, the economy sucks, people have lowered their prices.. - AND volunteer to be your errand boys/girls and taxi service.. Babysitting at their house.. Peace n' quiet for you.. And again I say... Wow!! You ARE Superwoman!!!
Your friend Kat is in my prayers.. I have sooo been where she is..
Prayers and good wishes for you BOTH!