October 05, 2009

And Finally Fall is HERE!

We spent the weekend working our fannies off, and after confronting BB in a loving and hopefully constructive way about my frustrations on Friday, we had a good weekend together...working together and helping out our neighbors.

We cleaned most of the house, got the shop and garage into a state of organization and some sort of cleanliness. I know, I know...it is a garage for goodness' sake! What does it have to be "clean" for??? Well, I'm tired of sand and dirt and sawdust being tracked in and through my house, so I wanted it swept and tidied....it's an obsession of mine. I admit it.

I made 2 batches of applesauce in my crockpot, canned several more pounds of peaches, did 3 loads of laundry, and cleaned my bathrooms.

Now we've got a garage in a sort of state of chaos as we have things that need to be put away in our basement (God forbid we get rid of some things!), and some more things to put on the new shelves that BB built me yesterday.

I have a few more batches of applesauce to make, a batch of sourdough to make, and a few other things to tidy.

I have Bible Study material to read for tomorrow night, and material to finish for Wednesday morning. I have a treat to bake before Thursday morning's meeting for my Moms' group at Church.

I need to be offline, doing things, not sitting here still...but the weather is cloudy, crisp, drizzly (can it be crisp and drizzly at the same time?) I've got the kids plugged into watching The Lion King in the basement, playing with toys, and I'm sitting here with the very end of Hook on AMC, and it's making me all teary, especially the part where Peter tells his kids to think just one happy thought and they'll fly like him, and his daughter says "MOMMY!!!" and his son looks up at him, and says, quietly "My Dad"

It's that kind of day...I'm an emotional hormonal mess, who's fighting the urge to sit down with a book, a big cup of something hot and steamy to drink, and just while away the day curled up on the couch under a blanket.

I've no reason to feel this way...it's just me.

I'm going to throw some chili together with cornbread for supper tonight, and will have to come up with some sort of other side dish that will not require my going out to the store to purchase anything.

I'm bound and determined to stick to my budget, and my commitment to shopping only the day or two after payday and not in between.

The kids are almost accident free for potty training during the daytime, and my boxes of disposable training pants should last us at least 2 months, as they have nighttime and daytime versions...we have a pantry and freezer full of food and no reason to go out!

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