October 01, 2009

Taking a Day Off (Or At Least A Morning)

I decided last night, after being on my feet over steaming and boiling pots all day that I was really worn out, and would take a day off from preserving food. Thank goodness for refrigerators!!! Otherwise, I'd have to be putting up those peaches, regardless of how I'm feeling!!!

I took some pregnancy-approved drugs last night (read: a cup of caffeine free tea, and a children's Tylenol), and tried to sleep. Alas, the wind was gusting and blowing so hard I felt as though I'd wake up in Oz this morning, and didn't sleep so great.

This morning, we hustled around, so I could take Captain Chaos to school, and then took Tiny Princess to Tar.get for some of their apples that were on sale for $1 a pound. I'm sad, as I was really hoping they'd go lower, but alas, I think that's as low as they go...so I bought about 30 pounds of apples to make into applesauce. I know that you're thinking this is crazy, but they are certified organic, and knowing that I'm making it with nothing added at all, it works out to about 2/3 less than it would cost me to buy it from the store.

I am currently sitting here, knowing that I've still got about 18 pounds of peaches to put up, 30 pounds of apples to put up, and trying to decide if I should thaw my strawberries from earlier this summer and make jam out of them or not...of course, this debate is going on as I'm watching my Rockies attempt to clinch a playoff berth, and I think that the lazy part of me is going to win...at least for an hour or so...

I do have lots of things that I need to do, including, but not limited to: laundry, ironing, cleaning my kitchen sink from breakfast and lunch today, making some sort of dinner plans, and putting two very tired and argumentative children down for naps.

Last night, after refusing afternoon naps, they were both cranky, and fought me every step of the way. They both ended up in bed for the night at 7:15. BB didn't get home til almost 8, and was also cranky from things at work.

I'm trying hard to put into practice some things that were discussed in my last week's Bible Study, in being slow to anger, and not always accusing. This is for everyone in my house, not just the kids, but toward BB, the animals, my neighbors, strangers who are driving in ways that would normally irritate the snot out of me...I'd like to blame my temper on my hormones, however, I know that I am like this all the time, not only when pregnant or nursing. It is a huge flaw, and major weakness, and I'm trying so hard to turn it around...I do not want to be one of those perpetually angry, screaming, cranky people. I want our house to be filled with love, laughter, Light, and even when someone is misbehaving, or disobedient, I want them to know that they are loved, and while there may be disappointment and anger, it will be handled in a way that still allows for my children to know and feel they are safe and loved.

That sounds weird when I try to put it into words, but I want my kids to grow up to be people you want around you - the joyful, graceful, gracious, compassionate, kind, even-tempered people that may get angry or be disappointed, but don't throw tantrums...which is something I do...

So be praying for me as I struggle with this daily...

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Anonymous said...

In the last few paragraphs i know what you are saying and that is something I learned recently my kids didn't feel. I want to correct that with my remaining time with the older ones and make sure my younger one understands