September 29, 2009

Things I Wonder

Today, I've been wondering:

  • Why do vendors automatically start bashing their competition the moment they walk through your door for an estimate appointment? What business is it of theirs if you've talked to every vendor in the region of said product? If they aren't good enough on their own, I'll know it and will not buy from them, regardless of their spiel.
  • Why do my children turn into chatterboxes as soon as a stranger enters our house? Do they assume that because I let them in, they are family, and want and need to hear every detail of every aspect of our life?
  • Why is it that my husband can go along nicely, sharing and doing and cherishing all of us, but as soon as he has a rough or busy day, he turns into this incredibly rude, short-tempered flat-out mean person?
  • Why is it that when I dry things outside in the sunshine, the full laundry basket becomes the place to sleep if you are a feline resident of this house?
  • Why is it that the best-laid plans go awry? Really...I mean, if they are the best-laid plans, shouldn't there be contingencies for every possible scenario???
  • Why are people so stupid sometimes? Case in point - today I received my electronic statement for Captain's September Preschool sessions. They billed me for all 4 Thursdays in the month, minus a "partial day" credit for an "after the fact explanation of absence"...ummmm...I sent a freaking email in AUGUST and followed up with 2 phone calls that he wouldn't be starting until the 10th...I even received 2 emails back acknowledging the email, and that a copy was in our file for billing purposes...
  • Why do people automatically assume that "pregnant" equals stupid, subservient, old-fashioned, fat, sloppy, deaf, dumb, and blind? Kid you not...I was asking my doctor's office about an H1N1 vaccine for all members of our family, due to Capt's Kawasaki's episode in 2007, and the receptionist used her "I'm so sick of stupid stay-at-home-moms calling my office and asking about something I don't have" voice, and said these exact words to me: "Ma'am, we don't have the vaccine, we don't when we're getting the vaccine, and those in the categories qualifying for the vaccine will be notified upon arrival. Only those in the pre-qualified categories will get the vaccine, which include those with chronic illnesses, immune-system compromises, pregnant, children 5 and under. All others will have to wait for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round delivery of vaccines" and then she hung up on me.
  • Why do salespeople at automotive or automotive related locations not understand the "We aren't in a position to buy at this time" or varying comments? We received 3 calls from the same dealer about the same trailer that we couldn't afford in July, telling us it had been reduced further, even though it was still above what we said we wanted to spend...'s been one of those days...can you tell?!?!?!?

Well, I'm off to start making some mashed potatoes to go with our leftover roast for supper tonight and am gearing up for a cranky husband to come home tonight...he's got semi-annual stuff to finish up that's due tomorrow, and I'm sure he'll be stressed and not happy about things...the only thing that could make it worse is if the Rockies lose their game against the Brewers tonight...

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