September 16, 2009

Baby Update

Well - we had our 13W appointment today...and after a weigh-in that made me cringe (I was up 9 pounds according to their scale!), I was subjected to the nurse attempting to find the baby's heartbeat. Now, I realize that at 13 weeks along in my pregnancy, unless I'd been anorexic before, there's not an easy way to find the heartbeat without some prodding, and pressing, but I have a bruise on my body from her today!

She tried and tried and tried, and was like "I know it hurts, but I have to press to find it this early"...and then after several minutes, she still couldn't find it, and merrily said "we'll let the doctor look for it, and if we can't find it, we'll do an ultrasound, but don't worry, it's hard to find at this stage of pregnancy", and walked out of the room...

Now, in my head, I realize that as tiny as the baby is, it is difficult to find the heartbeat. However, to just sort of brush off the fact that we might not hear it at all was a bit freaky...even the third time around...

Thankfully, after about 10 minutes of waiting for the doctor, she came in, and very gently used the nifty little doppler wand and found the heartbeat after about 30 seconds.

Last time we were in, the baby's heartbeat was measuring around 160, and today it was around 150. I'm not sure if the baby's heart is truly beating a bit more slowly, or if the baby was just mellow and its little heart rate was slower than before.

However, after our previous visit, BB was convinced that we were getting another girl, and was like "hey, we don't have to think about boy's names!", but as soon as the doctor said the rate, he went "We might just get another boy after all!" and then on the way out, he was like "Oh, wait! Now we have to start thinking boys' names again!"

It was funny, and endearing, and I now that no matter what, this baby will be loved beyond imagining, and will be welcomed into our family, and pounded and thumped and teased and taught...

BB is a good Daddy, and he's excited about this new little one.

We also found out that Missionary Man and his wife are also expecting #3, and we're actually due within only 2 weeks of each other! That's pretty cool, and we're excited to get to meet our new little neice or nephew in April and get to spend the first month or so getting to love and hold their baby.

They arrive in the States 2 days after we depart for the in-laws for Christmas, so they'll be adjusted to schedules and time zones by the time we arrive home at New Year's, and we'll get to spend the next 5 months or so with them.

It will be a blast to watch Captain Chaos play with and know his cousins, about which he gets extremely excited...

Now that my good news is out, I have an updated prayer request - my dear friend found out at her doctor's appointment yesterday that the damage from her birth injury is a bit more extensive than she was told at the time of the injury. This means a bit more extensive intervention and therapies before things will be close to normal again. The bad part is that they have no idea how long it might be before she can be scheduled for surgery, as she is classified as "elective" as opposed to "emergency" (for things like Cancer and accidents) and the policies and procedures our neighbors to the North have for things like this.

Please be praying for her, for peace to know that it will occur in God's time, and that her heart can rest a bit easier knowing that this doctor is going to do everything he can for her, to heal her body. Pray for her body to stay free of illness and infection as they wait and prepare for surgery, and for her little one, that he'll be healthy and adjusted to whoever gets to help take care of him during the surgery and recovery time.

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