September 28, 2009

At Last...

My motivation has returned! WOO HOO!

I woke this morning, after a not-so-good night of sleep, and was energized, ready to go and hit the ground running.

Of course, I started out running after Captain Chaos and Tiny Princess, and then, Mean Mom that I am, forced them to eat their oatmeal and drink their juice for's a tough job!

After forcing sustenance upon my children, and cleaning up oatmeal from just about every facial orifice, and most of their clothing, I finally gave up, changed their clothes, and loaded them into the car for a Shopping Adventure.

We headed off to Sprawl-Mart for canning supplies, and I finally broke down and am doing some preserving the "old-timey way" know, the kind that involves lost of hot water, steam, time, and work! I've 30 pounds of Organic peaches to put up as preserves and decided upon looking more closely at the recipe that I'm only putting up 2 batches of preserves. The rest of the peaches will be halved and canned for later yumminess...including, but not limited too cobblers, crumbles, ice cream topping, and just flat out as dessert, slightly warmed with a sprinkle of cinnamon...I also have a batch of tomato sauce in the making on my stove-top...the first of the season due to cool and rainy weather throughout most of June and July...I have a bumper crop of green to slightly orange tomatoes and am praying fervently that this warmth we're experiencing today will actually last long enough that we'll get at least a couple more batches worth of fruit harvested...

I've shredded and frozen about 80 pounds of zucchini, and have a hope that my acorn and spaghetti squash will actually grow and ripen, making for a yummy treat over the winter.

Tiny Princess is currently laying on her back, feet up in the air, head toward the TV, singing "Ah-ah-ah! Ah-Ah-Ah!" as we watch the end of Disney's Little Mermaid...and Captain Chaos is running around saying "OH NO!!! A SHARK! A SCARY SHARK!"

As soon as the credits roll, I'll be pouring milk and herding sleepy children upstairs for nap.

I'll then be coming back downstairs, cleaning my living and dining room, sweeping floors, dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning my kitchen counters, as BB scheduled an HOA meeting at our house tonight at 7 pm.

I am feeling great, lots of energy and I plan to take full advantage of it tonight, including doing the ironing while said meeting is going on...I won't be going to bed while they are here, so I'll have an hour to get things taken care of.

And now, Captain has just reached his Point of No Return, and is standing here, red-faced, crying, pleading for Dinosaur Train...

I hate having to be the tough mom at moments like these...

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