September 24, 2009

Wednesday...Because there was Nothing Else to Write About

Today was Moms' Group and it was fun. I had a good time, we had yummy treats for our dining enjoyment...and we had a special treat today.

We had a visit with one of the pediatricians from our local Clinic. She is an amazing mother of 2, who went back to school for her medical degree after her children were born...which is totally awesome in and of itself.

She shared with us today all sorts of tips and advice on when to seek out a doctor, and when to just ride things out, allayed our fears that those of us with kids who just don't want to give up their diapers are somehow abnormal, reminded us that the best judge is sometimes our instincts, because we know our children...

It was good.

I am now exhausted, worn out by 2 mornings in a row of being up and ready to be out the door by 8:30, with two bathed, dressed, and fed children in tow...

I keep waiting for my energy to return, thinking to myself "OK body, we're into the 2nd trimester, so let's get back to normal! Things to do, places to go..." and my body just sort of gives me this derisive look as if to say "Hey lady, are you crazy!?!?!? This is hard work we're doing here, so back off and let me be tired!" And then, after a day of fighting off the urge to sleep away the time when the kids are napping, instead, tidying, folding clothes, making dinner and the like, I'll sit down on the couch to spend time with BB, and as he drifts in and out of sleep, I'm full of energy and have to fight the urge to stay up until midnight doing housework.

Trust me...if there was some way I could work until midnight, cleaning and tidying, scrubbing and the like, and still be able to get enough sleep that's uninterrupted, I think I'd be tempted...I mean, if I could do laundry and everything but vacuum between 7:30 and midnight, imagine how much I could get done!

I'd have closets emptied and organized, rooms painted and carpets cleaned, clothing ironed, and fruits and veggies preserved, photos scrapped, sweaters knitted, baby blankets clipped and organized...

Oh well, at least I know that I'm not a slacker...I'm still getting those things done, just not as quickly as part of me would really really like to have them done...

Well, I've got a little girl wearing her "Pity Chews" clomping around the house...we found a pair of shiny red Mary Janes for her and she loves these shoes! She's turning into quite the little fashionista my little girl...this morning I asked her what she wanted to wear (a game I've played with both kids since they were born) and she very clearly stated "Dress!" while she pointed to her closet...she had to have the matching jumper with bloomers, her tights, and a matching set of barrettes in her long as it doesn't end up where she's spending all her money on clothes when she's older, I'm cool with having a little dress-up baby!

Well, it's almost time to throw the kids in bed for their naps, and I may just curl up under a blanket for a bit!

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Anonymous said...

While reading your post I was thinking, wow, for the first time in forever I haven't wanted to take a nap in the afternoon! I'm living with cancer and sleep often eludes me, very often but the new doc prescribed a sleeping pill, which alone is useless and caused even more sleeplessness and massive headache but combined with a muscle relaxer.. Ah.. It was sweet dreams for me, sweet dreams for me being I only woke up 4 times in pain, rather than 6.. But the energy I had this morning was remarkable. It had been a long, long time since I'd been able to fully clean one room of my house in one day.. Today I did 3!
You, however need your rest, take it as often as you can.. Your body is right, you've got an awesome masterpiece in the making.. Rest..
Wishing you a healthy, happy baby..