August 03, 2009


We returned from our capming trip yesterday around 11. It was a blast...we had a great time, the weather was perfect on Saturday and it was a beautiful place to be. The kids were awesome.

We did nothing after we got home...except for cleaning out the trailer, which didn't take long, it was just hot and still and not much fun.

Last night I finally broke down and took a pill to help the nausea, and now I am in I fell asleep in the chair at 9:30 during Thomas and woke up again during Sesame...the end of 10:57...and I'm still very very tired.

If I didn't have someone coming over for a playdate tomorrow, I'd nap while the kids did this afternoon.

In other news, when we went to the doctor Friday, we found out that we're not as far along with this baby as we thought we were...which sounds backwards from what you'd expect, I know...but, as you may remember, things with me have never been normal...which basically translates to the fact that the first doc we saw at the practice didn't look at our records to see that things are wacky with me, and do the the ultrasound that first day.

Our little baby won't be born until the middle of March, so we had literally caught the test result at the earliest possible moment!

Otherwise, I'm doing ok...just not feeling so hot today.

And Curious George just had donuts which looked SO yummy...too bad I don't have any...I don't have any cookies, and I don't want to do any baking because it is H-O-T out today...ugh!


Elise said...

lovely post, thanks

Bonnie said...

Oh, hope you feel better soon. I am so impressed that you would go camping in the heat in the first trimester. You are some kind of woman! Your family is very lucky to have a Wife/Mommy like you! Blessings--Bonnie