July 20, 2009

Waiting for an Energy Surge

It seems as though it is all I can do to get through a day and get a load or 3 of laundry done, and take care of the kids.

I am SO tired...I don't remember being this exhausted with the other 2 pregnancies, but, I am just so sleepy today...so sleepy the last week or so...

I know that I have 2 very active, very busy children to care for, on top of the normal household type things like laundry, and cleaning, and cooking...but seriously? I slept for about 12 hours the other night (fell asleep while BB was watching baseball) and went up to bed and slept straight through from 9pm until the kids woke up at 8 the next morning...and was still just exhausted...as in, I felt as though I could sleep for another 12 hours.

I am anxiously awaiting for the end of August to arrive in order that I might feel that magic rush of energy overcome my being and infuse me with motivation.

Unfortunately, I can't just sit around snoozing, waiting for that to happen...we have a ton of stuff to get ready for our garage sale, which is in 4 weeks, and I have to plan and coordinate a bbq for our HOA (which will not be difficult, just time-consuming), plus we're housesitting for our neighbors in 2 weeks, and the week after the bbq, we're heading to visit the in-laws for 10 days...and then we come back, and Captain Chaos starts preschool, and it is just crazy to realize that by the time that all happens, we'll be into the 2nd trimester,, and counting time until the ultrasound, and painting rooms, and moving furniture around, and potty training not one, but 2 children, all in hopes that we can have only one in diapers come March, rather than 2 or even 3.

We talked with some friends in Oregon last night, and their oldest is "still" not interested in potty training, and they just had their 3rd. Which means they have 3 in diapers...which makes me absolutely panic...there's no way I can do that...no way...

On an up side...Captain Chaos did get up from the table at breakfast this morning and went to his potty, used it, and was quite pleased with himself! I was quite pleased also until Tiny Princess upended the potty before I could empty it...and had to clean up the carpet...thankfully, Capt didn't have a large amount in there...but still...

And with that, I'm signing off...I'm tired and have groceries (non-perishable items only) that need put away, and kitchen that needs cleaning, and dinner that needs planning, and it is already 4!

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