July 21, 2009

Pinball Machine

I must admit that I am somewhat disappointed in the online coupons lately...I have spent countless hours (mostly because I haven't counted them) sorting, organizing, searching for deals, hunting down bargains, shopping at several stores to get the best deals...forgoing my usual "Go in and get it done" M.O. in hopes of saving money only to find that I've spent more money driving around town than I've saved. I'm still clipping and shopping smart...it is just frustrating.

I am also dealing with feeling a bit less than bouyant today...we called MIL last night to wish her a happy birthday and to announce the arrival of a new grandchild, and were replied to with "Does that mean what I think it means?" followed by "Oh. Well, we're expecting some guests shortly, so I'll have to call you later." This morning, there was a long, detailed email listing all the reasons she was so out of it last night, and how she should have been more excited. When we announced the expectation of Tiny Princess, we were told "Really? You meant to have 2 kids so close in age?" by BB's parents, and "Are you *(@#(*&^ crazy?" from his brother.

I know that each person has their own desires and beliefs about age-spacing and the "perfect" family size...and I wasn't expecting confetti and balloons and cards and flowers...but a sincere "Congratulations" would have been appreciated...so...today...I'm sitting here trying to find other things to occupy my mind and to keep my heart from getting bruised by family members that sometimes don't speak my language.

I also understand that as this is baby #3 we're expecting that not everyone will be ecstatically happy for us, as they were when we announced Captain Chaos, or even Tiny Princess...but seriously...

In other news...we found out that we'll get to spend part of our visit to MIL and FIL's in August with some dear friends.

I made a Devil's Food cake with Chocolate Fudge frosting for Bible Studay tonight, along with a batch of BB's favorite sourdough bread. At this rate, I'll be employing my Crock-Pot for dinner (I wonder if you can really make mashed potatoes in a Crock-Pot, or bake a casserole?) as the scents at dinnertime seem to be a bit overwhelming to me...that way, perhaps, I can cook the food, and actually enjoy the way it tastes, rather than trying not to lose my lunch while serving up dinner for my family...I'd really like to be able to sit at the table with them and enjoy our family time each night...but right now, have to hold a nosegay to keep from throwing up because of the smells...ugh!

Otherwise, I'm feeling a bit better (due to a nap during the 2nd half of Sesame Street this morning) and have more energy today. That might be due to the fact that it is noon and currently only 61 degrees out. It is supposed to get up to 79, but the cloud cover is still pretty thick right now, and so, I'll believe it when I see it happen...

I'm going to get my haircut today (would have been a color, but alas, not until after Christmas at the earliest), and some much needed pampering...it'll actually be a trim, as I want to grow my hair out long again, and a fabulous scalp and neck massage, and a wax. Yes, I know, getting your hair ripped out at the roots is not usually soothing to most folks, but I'm actually quite fond of the heat of the wax on my skin, and resulting sting as the strip of fabric is removed...weird aren't I?

BB staked a tree last night, and our garden is growing nicely, since we've had about 10 days of no rain, just heat...until last night that is...when it rained most of the night...it was so nice to wake up this morning, and actually be chilly...smell the rain on the air, fresh and clean, and know that everything got soaked...Captain Chaos slept until 7:30 because it was so cloudy this morning...Tiny Princess woke a bit before 8, and is currently still napping.

They are catching up from this weekend, and she had her check-up yesterday, including her last vaccine for the next 30 months (hooray for not needing shots for another 2 1/2 years!). She got a clean bill of health, is right on track for development, and was so cooperative it was scary...she just sort of laid there in my arms while the doctor checked her eyes, ears, throat, and listened to her heart, lungs, and tummy...it wasn't until he did the poke and prod of the belly and take her pulse that she got a bit upset with him. She didn't even cry until after the band-aid was on her thigh after the shot! Such a good girl!

She is talking up a storm...has about 5 or 6 dozen words that she says...which, of course, you need your decoder ring to understand unless you're around her lots...my favorite is anytime she's awake and BB is home, at which point she waves, smiles and says "Hi Daddy!" over and over again...or when she chases the cats around shrieking and giggling "KIDDY!!!"

Captain Chaos is doing really well, his observation skills are scary sometimes, but he is smart as a whip and funny!

We bought a new baby for Tiny Princess yesterday and she walked around the rest of the day saying "Dink!" and holding her sippy cup up to the doll's lips so she could drink apple juice...too cute! I'm bringing up the tea set again, so she can have tea parties with her babies and Captain Chaos...

Well, that's all for now, as I need to finish my lunch before she awakens from naptime...

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Bonnie said...

We have two adopted children age 23 mos and 13 mos. We have had our daughter since birth and our son since 6 weeks. When we got our son my husband's parents made a big deal to say "That's it--right. You have your family, now no more. Your sister made the mistake of having three and it just doesn't work." I LONG for the day we can tell them we are having one (or five!) or adopting more. Sometimes I have to turn my hurt feelings into looking forward to aggravating them. Hee--hee. I'm so sorry for the less than stellar responses. If it helps, we are all ecstatically happy for you!! Maybe even a little jealous. You are a great mother and I think it is wonderful that you can share that with another little blessing! ;-)