June 15, 2009

Monday BLAH!!!

I weighed myself this morning, and posted a 2 pound loss...I haven't had much motivation this last week...not sure why, nothing was going on that made me want to stick my head in the cupboard and eat junk til I popped...I did feel really tired and run down, even though I was sleeping ok most of the week, and was drinking lots of water.

We've had some really wacky weather, with it being cool and very rainy for Colorado...as in, they are talking about how odd it is that we still haven't had any days with 80 degree temps at all in June...it pours buckets for almost half an hour just about every afternoon, which, while it makes the world fresh and clean after the fact, makes it very difficult to feel motivated...the clouds come in, it is dark and dreary, lots of thunder and lightning...makes me want to curl up under a blanket and read a book with a cup of tea or cocoa.

I've been fighting that urge successfully most of the time, but there are a few days where I did the old "I'll just sit down for a little bit" and find myself woken up when the phone rings or the baby wakes from her nap and it is 2 hours later...

And just for the record...no, I am not pregnant.

I am still doing well, have been making good food choices (like the bypassing of a frozen treat altogether on Saturday, when I really wanted a chocolate malt), and have been moving daily.

I'm upping my cardio again, at the nutritionist's request via email. She apparently had something wrong in my snazzy equation that she used to figure out calories and the like...she wants me to back off to no more than 1500 calories on "heavy activity days" and be at 75 - 90 minutes of cardio each day.

That is a tough request...I'm already up at 5 so I can do my cardio uninterrupted each day, for an hour. I spend time on the treadmill listening to inspirational books on CD/mp3, or reading my devotional. I then go through my morning routine of getting ready, making BB's lunch and the like. I spend the morning doing as much of the "chore list" as I can while the kids are awake, and when Tiny Princess goes down for her morning nap, I hit things like cleaning the bathrooms and washing the floors. In the afternoons, while the kids are napping together, I tend to do things like the ironing and getting dinner ready to be cooked. After that, I do my fitness training...lifting weights, doing a DVD like Yoga Booty Ballet (which I love), or working with the Active (also adore that one!!!!). This leaves my evenings free to spend just being with BB, whether we take the bikes out (if it's not raining) for a ride with the kids, walk the neighborhood with the backpack carriers, or we just hang out and watch a little TV. I don't feel guilty on those nights, as I know that BB sometimes doesn't get home til after 6pm, and the kids go down at 8...which means that we eat dinner, they play while the clean-up is going on, and then I put them down. After that, we hang for 90 minutes or so before heading to bed.

It's not a bad routine, but I'm just not sure when in my day I can add another 30 minutes of true cardio...guess I'll be looking for some plyometrics I can do during weight-lifting...

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