May 20, 2009


Well, Captain Chaos is on day 3 of "you will wear big boy pants" potty training. I am on load 7 of laundry.

Granted, part of that is due to the fact that I washed all the towels (kitchen, bath, and cleaning), all the sheets, and both car seat covers, which took up 3 of those 7 loads. However...the fact that I still have at least 2 loads left, plus all the grocery shopping to do today makes me a little bit cranky.

I weighed myself this morning, and after yesterday's trying to be good, drinking lots of water, and getting lots of exercise (I did 2 DVDs, and 35 minutes on the WiiFit in total yesterday), I went UP 2 pounds!


In good news, a good friend of mine had a new baby yesterday, and both Mama and little girl are doing well and should be home by week's end (unless she decides that having 3 other kids aged 2 - 7 is too much, and her insurance will let her stay longer!). It makes me want a new baby in the worst way...

I'm about to sit down with my weekly fliers, log into websites and get my coupons in order, and make my grocery list, and do the shopping this afternoon.

We should be getting our meat delivery in the next days...I hope!

Tonight, we dine on Teriyaki salmon, made with 1/3 less oil, adding instead water to the marinade. That will cut out some calories, but still retain the flavor and benefits of marinating the meat...we'll be having some steamed veggies, and some garlic and herb biscuits made with low-fat milk, and butter substitute. We'll see how they turn out, and whether or not BB approves, but I've got to find something that works better than the same old menus.

Wish me luck as I go to fold yet another load of clean clothes!

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Ang said...

be patient, never give will start to come down.