May 29, 2009

Breaking Radio Silence seems so odd to not be blogging every day...but then, when it has been a few days between posts, it seems odd to feel so tied to the laptop...

Over the last days, I've been a busy girl!

Between the usual household chores of laundry and cleaning, I've been busy in my yard...pulling weeds, trimming plants and pruning roses...watering my vegetable gardens, which now have a heap of little seedlings that are all stretching and Captain Chaos says "Bigger and bigger and bigger Mommy! They're gwowing, just wike me!" He's so thrilled about the plants and is very ready to pet them, and hug them...too cute!

Tiny Princess is now a speed demon, running all through the house, chasing and being chased by brother and pets alike...shrieking, giggling...its a zoo around here most days!

BB worked from home today, which was a little tough, because 2 weeks a go, he was gone. Then, last week, one of his colleagues was in the States from Shanghai, so he worked from the office all was a shock to have him here today...especially as he was dealing with some time-sensitive issues...he was a little touchy, so Capt and I played outside all morning, while Tiny Princess napped...we ate lunch, and then I packed up the kids and took them to Saf.eway to pick up a prescription and some Star.bucks for a treat. We came home, BB and I had our treats, and the kids played a bit. After that, they napped, and BB and I watched some "Cash Cab" and a couple of our TiVo'd episodes...

I am now typing in the silence of our is late, it is dark and cool outside...the dog is snoring...BB tumbled into bed an hour ago, shortly after the kids.

We had Chinese for dinner was delicious, but I'm already hungry again...I think it is because you don't actually get a full protein serving, but fill up on veggies and rice I shall have a large glass of water before bedtime tonight, and hopefully that is all it is...I think the saltiness of the food makes me more thirsty...that and the fact that Tiny Princess drank most of my water as she's completely enthralled of straws right now.

It was a wonderful day outside today...sunny, hot, clear blue skies...we filled Capt's wading pool, and he played in it for most of our time outside. I had already done some yard work, and so, brought out a book and my lounge chair and read and got a nice little sunburn on my face and legs, and a little on my chest...I do know that I'm breaking out a tank or my swim suit next time so I can get some real sun...

And before you lecture me, yes, I am fully aware that too much exposure to sunlight without sunscreen heightens my chance for skin cancer...but when you're as pale as I naturally am...I can bathe in straight zinc (think the white stuff on a lifeguard's nose) and still burn...SO, I spend a little time unprotected, get a little pink, stay away for 3 days and do it all over again...I'm already doomed just based on my Irish heritage from my mother to be pasty and pale with freckles...I'm already high-risk...I figure that I need to make Vitamin D, so I'll do it! So there dermatologists everywhere! I laugh in the face of your warning...until the sunburn is really bad...then I'll cringe and pray to not get goose bumps or an itch!

Well, I'm tired and have a workout scheduled for early in the toodles for tonight!