April 28, 2009

Oh Yeah...

In all the excitement of the last 2 weeks, I forgot to mention that BB does indeed have a job!

There were a total of some 250 folks let go, with a large chunk being in the office in Dublin...some of the decisions made seem a bit puzzling to those actually "in the trenches"...you know, those doing the actual work? Yeah...those people somehow don't get why you'd let go of both the people working on a specific project...or cut a team by 2/3...or fire a manager, and then move someone else into be the manager of the very same group of people.

It is scary, it is lousy for those that were let go...it stinks...and a lot of other words I'm trying really hard to eradicate from my vocabulary...

On a different note -

Tiny Princess is currently sitting on the floor surrounded by her Daddy's woodworking books, looking quite focused as she flips through the pages, studying the photos, diagrams, and instructional insets...It is really quite cute...especially as she "reads" out loud...her interpretation might make sense to those of us who are craft-impaired...and then she gets up, and practically runs around the house searching for toys, cats, or brothers to torment. Occasionally, I'll be graced with her presence, grasping my shirt tails, sort of grunting at me, trying to climb up on to the chair or couch upon which I have happened to land for a few moments.

Captain Chaos is sitting contentedly on the bean bag, watching a recorded episode of a pre-reading PBS program that we adore...

And the best part? Now it happens to be nap time! So...milk bottles will be filled, along with a sippy cup, and the children will be prodded and herded up the stairs to their bedrooms, tucked into their beds, and the doors will be closed for at least 2 hours before one or both of them wake up.

During that time, I'll clean up the house, run the vacuum downstairs, and bring the trash and recycling cans back in, pick up the mail, and think up something yummy, nutritious and delicious for dinner that doesn't require any thing I don't have on hand...

I've been searching for coupons online all morning, and am finding that most of the "fabulous" sites to which I've been directed actually stink!

I'll be checking on manufacturers' sites today, and will begin the shift to shopping based on:
  • what is on-hand already
  • what is on sale
  • what I have coupons for
  • what I can make with said ingredients
It will be a challenge, but a friend of mine says she is disappointed if she saves less than 50% on her groceries using that method...we'll see what I can do!

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