April 27, 2009

And now, Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Blogging

We are home.

We left on the 16th, and drove straight through the 1200 miles to California. It was tedious. It was a lot of gnoshing on quiet but focus-required food. The kids slept. Sort of.

Tiny Princess pretty much crashed right after supper, and slept a couple of hours. She woke, needed clean pants, and a fresh bottle of milk, and she was good again until we stopped somewhere about 4am. Captain Chaos on the other hand...decided that 2 naps totaling 4 hours, and an additional 2 hours of sleep was plenty for him to get by on...and was awake from around midnight until about 3 pm Friday the 17th...

We had no issues with either our vehicles, or one that belonged to someone else...thankfully!

BB, Captain Chaos, and I all ended up with varying degrees of colds. Tiny Princess waited until we were headed home...

We are all mostly well, dealing with some seasonal congestion, tooth-related snot.

We had a good visit (under the circumstances) with family that BB hadn't seen in many years, if at all that he can remember.

This was odd...awkward and could have been really bad. However, he was a trooper, and made it through beautifully...all things considered.

We met relatives that have genealogical titles like "once removed" or "2nd" or "great-aunt"...you know, the ones that you might see at Christmas with your Grandparents if they still live in the same house they did when they were first married...or if you have reunions...yeah...those people.

We have a ton of email addresses and business cards and promises of "we'll keep in touch"...we shall see.

We'll do our part and send emails and Christmas cards and the like, but I'm not really confident in my new "family"...after all, they spent the last years wondering what had happened but not doing anything to track us down...it's not as though there are a ton of folks with our names out there you know?

Eh...I'm tired, I've a ton of housework to catch up on, and no motivation to do it. So, I'm going to curl up on the couch for a bit and watch some recorded episodes of my shows...


Anonymous said...

get some rest, and hope all of your colds/congestion/tooth problems disolve.

glad you made it home safely :)

FarmWife said...

Glad you made it home safe & sound.

What happend with B.B.'s job?