April 15, 2009

Prayer Request...Again

I love that I can post this type of thing on my blog!

OK - last week I posted about some prayer requests...

first and foremost - today is "the day" at BB's office...by end of day, he could, or could not have a job to return to tomorrow...this is scary for many reasons, such as where would we live, how would we pay bills, how we put food in our bellies, and take care of our precious children? It is also scary as I received a call this morning that BB's Grandfather went Home last night. This is a mixed blessing...it was something we expected, as he was put into Hospice about 2 weeks ago. It is good, as he's Home...pain free, whole minded again, with the rest of his family that had gone Home before him. It is bad, because we will miss him. Grandma is alone now. It is also bad because we will be going to California for the services that are on Saturday...this means I'm frantically packing and sorting and trying to get laundry done, deciding what I should purchase from the grocery store today that will be car friendly and still of great nutritional value for us so we don't have to subsist on fast food drive-thru for meals as we trek the 1200 miles.

second is - you guessed it - our trip to California. After much debate, BB and I decided last week that when the time came, we would pack up the family, load up the truck and head west to California. This comes at a dangerous time - there is a storm front hovering over the mountains right now, supposed to be leaving several inches of snow, making the first leg of our journey stressful due to weather conditions as well as the reason for a road trip. It is dangerous because BB will be overwrought emotionally, tired from having worked a full day, and dealing with the stress of knowing people who are no longer his colleagues, OR maybe not having a job himself.

Please be praying for us as we make this journey. For our health and physical well-being. For safety. For children that will sleep all night long in their car seats, and not be cranky in the morning. Pray for BB, that his heart will be comforted. Pray that he'll still have a job to come back to when we get back from California next week.

The meeting is at 4pm to announce all the details of "restructuring" the company, and now we wait and pray that BB will be one of those not let go.