April 02, 2008

Why I Love My Beauty Products

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About 9 1/2 years ago, I met a girl that I can only call "Cheerleader" here, because WAAAAYYYY too many folks know her in the real world. She was a new mom, in choir at church with me, and was just re-starting her Mary Kay business.

She got up the guts to ask li'l ole me to host a party for her, and I excitedly said yes. I asked about 87 people, of which 2 showed up. One of them came with her then 12 year old daughter, and the other was a "natural girl" who didn't really do makeup and hair all that girly stuff.

I, on the other hand, have always been about girly things. In a world with 3 big brothers, and having a friend see pictures from family vacation when I was like 8, and hearing her ask, "is that your brother?" caused me to change my tomboy ways. I grew out my hair, started wearing "girl" colors, and was dying for the day my mother said I could begin wearing makeup. At the age of 13, she could no longer hold me back from the world of cosmetics, and thus began my love affair with all things "Beauty".

At the age of 22, I held this party, having tried everything from the cheap stuff at Wal-Mart, several middle priced brands, and several expensive department store brands, which shall remain nameless here for the sake of not offending anyone. I was disappointed in the results, especially after hearing a cosmetic girl tell me each and every time "This stuff is amazing! It'll clear your skin right up!" Once, I looked like someone had painted my face red the stuff burned my skin so badly. I was cursed, it seemed, to always be oily, always be blemish prone, and always suffer from painful breakouts, dry patches from the acne treatments, and shiny patches from the moisturizers they swore wouldn't be too heavy for my skin. SO, after YEARS of feeling as though my face was coated in Crisco, with bouts of embarassing and painful red blotches, cysts, and scars, I was ready to try anything.

At the party, I tried a formula for blemish prone skin, bought the whole set, and 2 weeks later was wondering what in the world I'd done. I woke up one morning, looking like something from Night of the Living Dead, or The Mummy, with skin falling off, red, swollen, itchy...I cried for hours in the bathroom, and wouldn't leave the house. Thankfully, it was Christmas Break, and there was nowhere to go that day...

By the morning after that, however, it looked like I had a whole new face! My skin was smooth, no blemishes, no splotches, no redness...sure the scars were still there, but as of that morning in early January 1999, my skin has only improved. Now, before you tell me it was just my hormones or some silly thing, let me tell you that I had already been using birth control as an acne treatment for 5 years at that point. There was no more regulating for my hormones to do.

In February of 1999, I made the decision to become a consultant myself. After all, I had just spent several hundred dollars on skin care and makeup in 8 weeks...didn't it make sense to sign up and get it for cost? So, I signed on the dotted line, and immediately applied for a line of credit with which to order products. After all, if it worked for me, how could I not tell people all about it, and change their lives too???

Each time the company introduces something new, I try it out. And, inevitably, I fall in love with it. We are cutting edge, and all our products are only implemented after extensive research, and testing, which is NOT done on any animals.

As the world turns to the newest, latest and greatest products, Mary Kay is always right there to meet your needs. It is honestly the ONLY product I use at all anymore. My stash includes pretty much one of everything for my skin care type.

I cannot find anything that compares, especially knowing that if I were still a customer only, I could always call Cheerleader and have her find exactly what I need for my situation. I'm always there for my customers, to answer questions, and suggest the right things for your situation. If you don't like something you buy from me, all you have to do is tell, me, give it back, and get what you do like. No questions asked.

What other company would let you bring back the pink lip gloss that you loved in the store but when you put it on, made your lips look like they'd been painted with Barbie pink enamel? I can't find any...and trust me...I've asked.

I am absolutely in love with our newest line, the Mineral Powders. We have foundation, bronzing powder, eye shadow, and cheek color. They rock!

I went one day to our local Ulta (which I love for my hair care products BTW), and had them do a makeover with the brand of minerals that they carry, and before I'd made it the 4 miles to my house, my face felt like it was on fire! The makeup rubbed off onto a tissue (6 actually, from the travel pack in my glove box), despite their claims of non-transference, and my face was RAW, cracked, and actually bled for the next 3 days. I was very disappointed, and quite shocked. You see, I was tired of my liquid foundation, but still felt, even after the vast improvement in my skin, and the fact that my scarring is now almost gone completely, that I had to have better coverage than just a powder or cream-to-powder foundation could provide. I wanted something that was even faster than what I was using...

I got my Mineral Powder Foundation, immediately went and washed my face and tried it out. I LOVE IT!!!!

Phew...after all that...I just have to say that I am IN LOVE with Mary Kay products from top to bottom...all types...even BB uses it for himself. My dad and all 3 of my brothers (yes, I send it to the mission field overseas) are using it, and my mom is my biggest customer.

I am willing to answer any questions you may have for me, and obviously would LOVE to have you try out the products. I can mail it anywhere, and have samples of EVERYTHING we carry that I can send to you for a "Makeover in the Mail".

Put in a comment and let me know if you're interested. You can email me at rogue19752002@yahoo.com if you want to leave your contact information for anything you might need.


Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

I got a MK Satin Hands kit for CHristmas and have actually used it for a mini facial. Love it!
And thanks for your comment about the HMR. I'm so glad it's working out so well for you!!

FarmWife said...

my first ever real lip stick was Mary Kay Carnation Pink. QM bought it for me. I think I was 14 or 15.

I wondered how you got involved in MK. That's so cool!

Anonymous said...

I love the MK line..My mom was a consultant in the 70's..We still use the clenser/toner/mask for me..Daughter uses proactive.