April 03, 2008

One Small Step Ahead for Me...

One giant "Wow, you're frighteningly computer illiterate" for the rest of the world to say...

I had to have my dear Farmie explain how to add the links and the buttons to my blog. How sad is it that the wife on a computer engineer doesn't know how to do this??? Is that a modern twist of the old adage "Shoemakers' wives go barefoot and doctors' wives die young" You know..."computer engineers' wives can't turn on the computer"?


I have successfully added the Hot Mama button to my sidebar. See? I even know what to call the location of it! Go me!

OK, seriously, I'm not that bad. And thank you to Farmie because I was seriously having issues with the button thing...mostly I'm just too lazy to do things like that...and I'm used to the Evil Microsoft way of doing things, and haven't figured out all this code for folks on the blogspot yet.

I wanted to thank you all for commenting on my Beauty post from yesterday (scroll down and read if you haven't already). I'm so touched, in fact, that I've decided I'm going to contact Sarah and offer her a prize to be given away for her next contest. I'll let you know if she'll let me.

And if that doesn't work out, I'll just have to hold my OWN contest...no virtual dollars here ladies and gents (not that it wasn't a great idea Farmie), but real live, tangible, I'll ship it to you, stuff.

Tell me what you think of that, and I'll let you know what the contest will be...Let's see, we've heard about the Mom Confessional, where you had to tell your "worst ever" story...that was the one where Farmie shared her story of her anti-pant son, and the ensuing ickiness that occurred one day...or was it the razor and non-leg shaving incident. I tried to block those out...they scared me...and now there is the Favorites contest resulting in Softlips for the winner...hmmmmm...I must think of something truly amusing and entertaining all at the same time...I've got it...I'll post it in a moment or three.

For now, Captain Chaos is happily being babysat by the television, and a DVD of TiVo'd Little Einsteins (ahh, I could have up to 7 hours of silence this way...), and Tiny Princess is enjoying her afternoon nap, from which she'll be roused in about 15 minutes so I can feed her again (she's in the swing, in which she would happily sleep the day away if I allowed her) so I shall end this post and talk to Sarah about her next contest having something from me as a prize.


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