April 07, 2008

Monday's Hot Mama Moment

Wow...I'm a blogging fool today! Must be all those cleaning products going straight to my head...the fumes you know!

I almost forgot to tell you!!!!

I had the best Hot Mama Moment today! It being yucky (the sun DID shine for about 30 seconds somewhere around 3pm...) I decided that I needed, more than usual, to be a Hot Mama...SO, before my cleaning frenzy began (can it be a frenzy if it lasted less than 3 hours?) I was ALL DOLLED up...we're talking, the good jeans that make my butt look good, my stomach a little flatter, real shoes, a CUTE shirt that I would normally never wear for housecleaning and laundry day, had my hair styled, not just blown dry, but I actually used my styling tools and products, makeup done. I was looking good.

I had just sat down to lunch when the doorbell rang. I went to answer it because the kids were napping, and it was quiet...there stood the UPS man with a package for BB (remind to wax poetic about his obsession with online shopping for his woodshop). Nothing unusual in that...but he actually stood there a moment and just grinned like an idiot. I took the package and he still stood there. I asked if he needed a signature. He stood there. Grinning at me...it was a bit unnerving, but he finally shook himself out of whatever thought he was in, and smiled really big, and said (no joke here folks) "Your husband must be a fool to leave the house every morning with you looking like that." Now, I haven't had a compliment like that since well before I was pregnant with the Captain...I blushed. I actually blushed! Farmie, did you ever know me to blush?!?!?!?! At any rate, I take this compliment with no grains of salt...our UPS man is HOT...I mean, hotter than Matthew McConaughey and that's saying something in my world...I was floored and it took me a good 30 minutes to get my composure back. And for those of you wondering, no the UPS man was not here longer than about 1 minute.

I thought it was the best Monday I've had in a looong time! I got my house clean, all my laundry done, AND the hot UPS man made me blush... sigh...all is good in my world right now.


FarmWife said...

It's nice to know some one other than your Hubby finds you attractive, isn't it? ;)

And no, I don't think I've ever seen you blush!

I think I need a cute UPS guy...you have one, Art has one...

Kork said...

No joke, right? I'd loan you mine, but I don't think his route extends that far east of here... :(

FarmWife said...

Mine came today. And he was the farthest thing from cute. He was decidedly unattrative. Oh well.

Kork said...

Sorry honey! For now, you can watch Dancing with the Stars...Cristian is totally hot...holy cow!