April 08, 2008

Quick bit...

My initial thoughts about BB's conference this week were accurate...sometimes, though, I hate being right...

BB learned yesterday that due to some corporate inefficiencies, there will be some pretty hefty changes to the organizational structure. No worries...his job is secure, and he won't be moving us to California or, God forbid, Dallas, BUT they don't know how all the work they've been doing for the last 5 months will be changed or affected by the internal changes...they have a new CEO, and as a result, several of the VP's have left the company...it's sort of scary...especially because last week, right before this conference, at the monthly company-wide staff meeting, they were informed that the structure of performance reviews was changing, effective immediately...that means, that you might have had an awesome year, but because of the changes, you might come in at the high end of the middle level...how's that for wacky? They also learned that their bonus structure is changing, which is also scary, because if you had an ok year, but are improving, you'll get a smaller bonus...and it's also dependent upon how the other half of the company does their job...OY!

Any way...be praying for BB and I through this time, that we'll have wisdom and guidance regarding our finances, his job, and on a new note, please pray that God will bless my Mary Kay business. I've really slacked off these last 2 years since Captain Chaos was born, and now, we're in need of some other source of income that won't require my going back to corporate America. I figured that I'd need to be making about $4500 a month in order to pay for child care, formula, food, diapers, and still have anything left after taxes to pay any bills. With Mary Kay I can work around the kids and BBs schedules and I only have to work about 30 hours a month to make enough to pick up all of our utilities and groceries...Pray that I will recognize opportunities and make the most of them! Pray that I will do all I can do to become successful again in this endeavor.

Hugs...I'm off to the Moms' group!

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