March 04, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon Musing weekend was uneventful...the kids didn't end up coming over, and I was able to do work outs every day in a row since I started...I'm not measuring myself or even weighing myself until day wish me luck!

I feel much better...enjoying the work out, even though it makes me hurt alot...but that means my muscles are getting a good work out, and I'm building lean muscle addition to losing some weight...I hope!

I've decided to play a bit with my blog, so if things look wonky...that's why. Deal with it. :D

OK...seriously speaking here for a moment...I've decided that this whole "chemical free, all natural" kick that the world is on may not be for me. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not going whole hog into high carbon emissions, not recycling, eating nasty food etc...BUT I do think that sometimes we get scared into ditching everything, and spending tons of money on things we can't really afford, when what we should be doing is this: 1 - take stock of your lifestyle 2 - decide what things are TRULY important to you to change AND 3 - take baby-steps to get there!

This is brought up by our most recent Moms' group meeting...we had a lady, very educated in her field, that was going to provide for us suggestions for having a green home, who, unfortunately ended up telling us only the bad things, and not providing alternatives for us...many of the ladies in my group were sort of freaked (alright...downright petrified by the bad stuff), and frustrated that we weren't given answers or solutions!

I spent a lot of time over the last week thinking a lot about what I'm doing that is or isn't healthy for my family, and have decided that as I run out of things that are unhealthy, I will replace them with things that I can afford, that ARE healthy. I am also going to spend a little bit of time researching home made items that I can use. I looked on the website for BBC America, hoping that they might have some of the recipes used on their show "How Clean Is Your House?" dice...

SO...if anyone has ANY home made recipes for things that clean, scrub, scour, and/or disinfect, PLEASE share them with me!!!!!

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