March 05, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Well, here we are, still technically 15 days from the start of Spring, and I'm already doing things I wouldn't normally be doing if the sun wasn't shining.

We woke to an inch of fresh snow on the ground, and a forecast of only 33 degrees for today. However, at about 10 am the sun broke through and started melting the snow on my back deck. I, therefore, felt the need to clean things out.

I have a guest room that has become the dumping ground for stuff. This includes, but is not limited to: items that BB thinks I can mend (which really just need to be dumped, as they are TORN, not missing buttons, or the hem is coming undone), books BB can't part with (such as a computer book from his freshman year of college that is so outdated, I think it classified itself as an antique), and various hideous nicknacks that were his mother's. How horrible do I feel that I have put them in a room into which I rarely enter (if at all?)? NOT AT ALL! In fact, this morning, when my mom showed up to help me get it all cleaned up, I was surprised at the ease with which I relegated items to the "THROW IT OUT" pile. There are items that are worth keeping, and I didn't just take the boxes of books to the garage sale pile in my basement...I did decide to wait until BB goes through them...HOWEVER...he has a deadline of this weekend, or else I make carte blance decisions on EVERYTHING that is left.

The next step is to put up some curtains, and wait for a break in the budget of $40 for 2 gallons of paint with which I shall change the entire feel of the room. That and some hand-me-down lace curtains that my mom doesn't want anymore, but are absolutely lovely, and make the room feel light and airy while still making it feel cozy and homey. I love my mom for that...she has exquisite taste in home decor, and I LOVE when she redoes things, and decides that she needs to clean out her crawl space. Last time that happened, I got 4 seasonal wreaths, Christmas decorations that don't include anything plastic, or mylar, drapes, throw pillows, a braided wool rug that is 8 x 10, and several additional cleaning towels that used to be kitchen towels when I was little.

Keep in mind that my mom IS the ultimate...she's way better than Martha Stewart, Julia Child, and June Cleaver the things I receive are in condition that at a consignment sale they would garner top they are still so new looking you'd think they'd never been used before...

And now, Tiny Princess is awake again, demanding more food...honestly, you'd think that the child had a tapeworm or some such thing!!!

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Anonymous said...

your mom sounds wonderful. enjoy giving spring life into your home.