February 28, 2008

Starting Point

Well, here I am, about a month ago...2 weeks after Tiny Princess was born. Hard to see in that angle, but I am 164, 5'4". My current measurements are:

38, 36, 42. I haven't measured my arms, or thighs...but they jiggle, and are tight in some clothes. I currently fit comfortably in a size 12.

SO...now my friends, you know just where I stand...starting today, things they are a changin'!

I am putting in my TurboJam DVD, and me and Shalene are getting down and dirty, and I'm working out.

I'm going to follow the 10 day jump start and see if I can really lose 10 pounds, and 10 inches in 10 days.

Please feel free to start a pool...all I can say is this - I get 50% of the winnings if I do it!

I'll keep you posted, and my goal is by swimsuit season (June in Colorado), I'll have to break out my suit from my honeymoon, which was a size 8, and fit me like it was tailor made for me!

Wish me luck, and I'll post pictures.

OH, and if you're interested in the DVDs and don't live near me...you can find the DVDs online at www.beachbody.com Keep in mind, they are pricey, but I think it's worth it! My next purchase will be a reward of YogaBootyBallet when I reach 10%!

WOO HOO and OORAH! (I feel like I should say Semper Fi! and salute Ermy!)


Anonymous said...

have fun with your workouts..Kick some beach booty!!

Lorrie said...

Go Kristina! I will be praying for you. I am determined to start jogging again - something I did pre Allison. I want to start tonite. Please pray for me. I want to lose 15 lbs and start preparing for a marathon(marathon may have to be next summer). I have been walking and lifting weights as well as doing short sprints. So I think I am ready to tackle a 1 mile jog tonite. Yikes! You can do it!

Kork said...

I'm proud of you Lorrie! Keep it up, and remember...every step you take is one step closer! WOO HOO!