March 17, 2008

All Quiet on the Western Front

This morning, while the children are still sleeping, and BB had to go to the doctor for some routine blood work (seriously, folks! Nothing to worry about - he just hasn't had a physical in 2 years, and the doc says no need, you're fine, but we'll check the blood work just to be sure!), I decided to take serious advantage of the day.

It snowed last night. Big, fat, fluffy flakes...that made the roads icy, but the world beautiful. At least the world I can see from my windows.

Captain Chaos' illness turned out to be nothing more than a viral cold, with a small eye infection. The antibiotic eye drops worked miracles, and he is back to about 80% as of last night. He went down to sleep at about 8:15, and is STILL SLEEPING! Hallelujah!

Tiny Princess has, however, started coughing, but only has the sniffles when she lays with the left side of her face down...I guess I could have just said when she lays on her left side...but she really doesn't lay on her left side yet, just turns her head that way...But I digress...please, please PLEASE pray that my antibodies are passed along and that she is NOT getting sick, but rather is just coughing because she's a mouth breather (are any babies NOT?) and its awfully dry right now...seriously y'all...I do not think I could handle her getting sick!

We got a prayer request from a friend of mine, who is in the local children's hospital with their 4 week old who has RSV, and was discovered during all the other things going on, that he has little to no albumin, so he was getting sicker and sicker, collecting fluid in his lungs...very scary. Pray for this little guy that he'll have the strength to fight the illness and get fully better, and for his folks and older sibling, that they will also stay well, have peace, and know that God is in control and is the great healer!

That being said, my floor is dry now, so I'm going to make some oatmeal for my breakfast, and pray that the floor does not get sticky for at least 3 hours! I have to open my giant box of Swiffer Wets from Costco, and don't know where my utility knife is. BB last used it for something, and didn't put it away...and then proceeded to yell at me for not putting away his tools in the shop after I used them. Side note - I did NOT use the tools in the shop, nor did I bring any from anywhere else and put them in the shop. And if you're going to yell at me for using your things and not putting them away, have the gosh darn courtesy to put the stuff away that you purposely bought to be MINE!

That off my chest, I'm seriously going to eat my breakfast...hmmmm...peaches'n'cream, or "real" oatmeal that has to cook for 5 mintues???? Choices, choices....


Anonymous said...

prayers going up..tape the tool to his hands..he'll never lose them? No? okay my bad..Hope you have a wonderful healthy day

FarmWife said...

Praying for your friend's baby & yours. No more sick babies!!