March 19, 2008

Mid-Week Musing

I just returned from Tiny Princess' 2-month checkup. First let me just say "HOLY COW!!!!!" Where did the last 8 weeks go??? She is doing just fine, our doc was pleased, no worries about her snotty nose or rattly little cough that she's developed. He reassured me that with nursing, she would be fine as long as I was not "really really sick". You have to know my doc to understand why I'm totally cool with that answer...he rocks

I'm putting off cleaning BB's office...but I really do need to do cleaning lady is coming for the first time on Monday, and you cannot see the surface of his desk. I know that it exists, it is just not visible. Ugh...I hate cleaning his office because the mess is not mine. I take care of writing the checks and putting the bills in the mail, balancing the checkbook, and filing the paperwork, but there is easily 90 days worth of CRAP on his desk. Pardon my need to yell and rant about this but it really steams me that I should have to clean up his desk, when I did not make the mess in the first place. You see, BB is a habitual "I'll do it later" kind of guy. For instance: his breakfast dishes got put in the sink because it is "more efficient" to put all the dishes in at once, rather than a little at a time. This logic applies to just about everything in his realm, dirty clothes, dishes, trash from the mail, magazines, and the list goes on and on. And while, as I've said before, I'd rather have him around to clean up after than the alternative, I wish that he would start thinking gloablly...and by that, I mean, think about the fact that I've been picking up Legos, Cheerios, cars, puzzle pieces, cat toys, pet hair, clean and dirty clothes, clothes, and Kleenex for the entire time you were gone at the office...WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THAT IT IS BETTER TO HAVE ME PUT ALL THE STUFF AWAY?!?!?!?!?!? And may I also emphasize that it would be really nice if he could maybe see that the trash can or laundry hamper is FULL and perhaps empty it??????? I mean, how hard is it to take a wicker trash can full of Kleenex to the big can in the garage? Or, how hard is it to carry the laundry hamper from our bedroom closet to the washing machine? You have to go downstairs anyway...

PHEW. I feel a little better now...even though I know that the desk is still covered, and I have to clean it. My mother is fond of saying "If I waited for your father to do things I want done, we'd wear dirty clothes and starve". I will, however, support my father in the fact that my mother never ASKS him to do anything...I ASK BB for his help, and get told "I'll get around to it." I do give him time to do it. Perhaps I should begin specifying "Could you please do it within the next 5 minutes?" rather than leaving it open ended...hmmmmm

Well, I'm going to eat some lunch while The Captain and Princess are napping.


FarmWife said...

You should just do what Chonda Pierce's mother suggested. She told her daughter to never nag her husband. Just pray for him...out loud.

I can hear it now, "Dear Lord, Please help BB know when I've reached the end of my rope. Please nudge him in the direction of the chore that needs doing the most. Amen."

I'm sure BB will love it!

Anonymous said...

I came here before and wrote something then x'd out for fear it would be taken wrong. I like farmwife's idea but my mouth would say something possibly far harsher that couldn't be taken back. That's my problem, lack of patience, and unable to hold my tongue at times.

Kork said...

I must say that I've never heard Chonda relate that story about her mom's advice in anything I've read/heard of hers...and I love her! How did I miss that???

And Ang...I have the same problem, which is probably why I vent hear and then try to sweetly explain my need for assistance to him.

I must say, however, that my own mom has some interesting ways of doing things...her view is that since I am at home, my job is the kids and house, and all that entails...toilet scrubbing etc...and that BB wouldn't expect me to go to his office and write his document, so why should I expect him to come to my office and do the laundry? Ouch huh? :(

Anonymous said...

That is ouch..and i never thought of it that way...And now the guilt overwhelms me and I don't know why. Such a different perspective.

I am grateful for my beloved in his little attempts to please me in helping around the house.

I don't think my beloved would like me going to his work either. My mouth would fly off the handle there.